Friday, March 4, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 5th

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Happy Birthday today March 5th

Happy 30th to model Eugen Bauder!

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The Bottom Line

Image from Frisky Frolic

Dex for Sex

We all have had experiences of being attracted to people that well... we aren't really that attracted to. That's sort of how I feel about actor Michael Nader. I haven't watched much of Dynasty, but I remember his images in magazines. I did pick up some of the show's DVD's on sale a few years ago but never could get past a few minutes.  I thought I should give them another try before giving them away.

There is something about actor Michael Nader that bugs me. There is also something about his character Dex that has me wanting to rip off his high wasted Dad jeans, have my way with him, and then take off, never to see him again. The raspy voiced actor headed to daytime soaps once the 80's reign of prime time soaps came to an end.

With Sally Field in Gidget

Ahead of the Curves: Cody by studioAtruong

'I gravitate toward the dramatic.'

I often describe FH as a celebration of The Male Form. It is interesting to me however, that there are still so many photographers, who even when shooting an incredible naked body, focus on the male part (or parts), yet still manage to totally ignore the form.

I have often been sent images, hundreds of images of a model, where you never actually get a good look at form. There may be endless shots of their penis, a few of their butt, but hardly any focus on face, and their body and form in it's entirety. Alain from studioAtruong never makes this mistake. Alain captures every beautiful inch of the male form, every line and every sensuous curve.

Alain definitely gets ahead, and behind and on every side of the men he shoots. Alain's images encompass and capture the models in front of his camera in their entirety. Every time I feature Alain's work, there are always incredible full body shots, so visually stunning and dramatic, I almost hate that they have to be sized down to fit the measurements and width's of the site's pages.

'I derive the greatest pleasure from taking pictures of a beautiful face!'

Oddly to some, a man's face is an important part of their body, maybe the most important. My enjoyment of an image of the male form, even a man with an incredible form, is often linked to his face. Skilled artists and models understand the importance of connecting face, and facial expressions, with body position.

We've all seen sexy, inviting body poses with a facial expression which doesn't match. No matter how hot the body may be, how toned, how beautiful, if physical and emotional expressions don't match, the image is flawed and not authentic and believable.

Cody has magnificent curves lines and curves. Alain's images draw the eye not just to a body part, but instead, have the viewer eyes going up and down, head to toe, taking in every inch as they follow Cody's curves where every they flow. Alain also ensures that in so many of his images, that Cody's face, and beautiful blue eyes, even when partially hidden behind Cody's great head of hair, are visible and present. Together, they pull the entire image, and all of the captured emotions, together.

Some of you may remember Cody from his introduction on FH during last year's Halloween week. In Emulation, FH Favorite Frisky Frolic showcased Cody in a couple of especially sexy costumes to celebrate All Hallow's Eve. I had been hoping to feature more of Cody's work and was thrilled when I found his dramatic and sexy work with Alain. Alain has always been generous with sharing his work and I am grateful he supported my featuring his images with Cody, and every one of those visually sumptuous curves. Check out more of Alain's work with Cody on THE OVER-FLOW and on Alain's site HERE: