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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 6th

Mike by JeffsPOV
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Happy Birthday today April 6th

Happy 38th to actor Teddy Sears!

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Teddy's time on American Horror Story was short and brutal, but his ending was memorable...

A Vintage Vantage: Bruce Boxleitner

Actor Bruce Boxleitner never quite hit the same degree of fame as his contemporaries like Tom Selleck but he had a certain appeal.... I saved the image of Bruce in his speedo below to use for Bruce's birthday post, but just discovered I missed his 64th which he celebrated on March 12th. You can check out my previous piece on Bruce HERE:

Jeff's Point of View Photography: Mike

'Well there's really no way to sugarcoat it. I love the male form. I love a beautiful male physique!'

Like many of us, Dayton photographer JeffsPOV, (Jeff's Point of View) has always admired images and works of art showcasing the male physique. Jeff didn't just admire however, he always wanted to try his hand at creating his own imagery with the male form as his focus. Last fall, he finally purchased a decent camera and began the journey. Finding Model Mayhem around the same time became a source of inspiration. 'I thought, wow, I would love to be able to do this! Create these beautiful, amazing images like I see here.'

Jeff quickly put a plan in motion and was curious to see where it might take him. Jeff began by looking for a subject to be the focus of his first shoot. A good looking co-worker proved the perfect place to begin. His co-worker agreed to try his hand at modeling and Jeff was really pleased with the result. After receiving great feedback by those who saw the images, Jeff moved forward, putting together a portfolio, joining Model Mayhem and reaching out to local models looking to update their portfolios. Jeff quickly began to build his portfolio with models he met on MM but connecting with Mike was a fortuitous accident.

'I was looking for someone else when I saw this guy, no shirt on with this amazing body! I was like Wow, I would love to get him in front of my camera. I took a chance, sent him a message, showed him some of my work and thankfully he took a chance with me and agreed to do a shoot. He had always been interested in modeling but had never put himself out there.'

Jeff shares that Mike was a dream to work with, open to new ideas and willing to push his limits. The shoot went smoothly and the camera obviously loved him. The goal was to create some great portrait shots along with body and fitness images that were both tasteful, as well as sexy, erotic and sensual images to showcase Mike's great face and body.

Given it was Mike's first time in front of the camera, Jeff did an amazing job capturing his look. Mike has an incredible face with those beautiful and expressive baby blue eyes. Jeff expertly captured Mike's incredible body with an emphasis on his particularly impressive chest and stomach. Jeff also was able to bring out a bit of Mike's lighter side with the use of the hat which led to some sexy images, not to mention fun when Mike flashes his adorable and brilliant smile.

Jeff's work with Mike ended up having a bit of a domino effect as after Mike posted some of the images on his Facebook page, Jeff got a message from a friend of Mike's who also wanted to give it a shot and try his hand at modeling. I will be featuring Jeff's work with him next week! Since then, Jeff has shot a few more of Mike's friends, all of whom he connected through because of his work with Mike.

'I have no idea where this is going to take me but I'm certainly enjoying the ride so far. Every time I shoot a model, I learn something new. I want to have fun, but also strive to be as professional as possible. I want the models to have fun. I want them to be comfortable but leave and say they had a blast doing a shoot with me. The one thing I don't ever want to be is just a "guy with a camera" trying to take pictures of hot guys. I want to create something beautiful. I want others to enjoy my work.'

Looking Behind

It's interesting to read this past week, all feedback about the cancellation of HBO's Looking. I guess I am one of those people who didn't really appreciate the Jonathan Groff led series until hearing about it's cancellation. I haven't in fact, even fished all the episodes on my DVR. Yet... I was saddened.

The show was interesting in that although I really enjoyed each episode as I watched, there was something that didn't have me rushing back to watch more. It was a show I saved for a time when nothing else interesting to watch was on. I guess I wasn't alone. I loved the pace of the show, the characters and although often sexually driven, was less frantic than it's steroid driven predecessor Queer As Folk.

I went back and finished most of the second season upon hearing of the show's cancellation and was reminded of the reasons I enjoyed the show so much. Looking was more about relationships and both the good and bad that come along with them. Season 2 also had the added bonus of more Russell Tovey, and actor I have enjoyed watching for awhile now. Tovey's Kevin nicely balanced out Groff's Patrick and he has one of the best butt's on TV. I will miss that butt, and the entire cast of Looking.

Tovey by Christopher Turner

I think HBO could have given it another season, maybe with a bit of tweaking with the supporting cast. I am sure sure whether they needed more screen time or less, but with Groff's character front and center, there was very little time to explore, or really care about the remaining characters. The little I saw I liked, and would have liked a bit more time to get to know them better.

His & Her (2010)

Being Human