Saturday, May 21, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 21st

Jeremy by Eddie Christie
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Happy Birthday today May 21st to:

Check out Eduardo Verástegui and other birthday boys for May 21st HERE:

Just Because: The Rapture:

Just Because:

I am not sure if today's Rapture was time zone specfic, but... since it is way after six in many parts of the world (including my beloved Australia), just hoping all my mates are doing ok! (And any excuse to post Aussie lifeguard shots!).

Shrouded by Brenton Parry

This past February, photographer Brenton Parry from Aussielicious launched his first solo exhibition. Shrouded was a huge success and Brenton is already putting together idea's for it's follow up.

Images from Shrouded can now be seen (and purchased) at Brenton's photography website and online store! Be sure to check them out!