Sunday, May 16, 2010

Male Model Of The Day: Samuel Allerton

I first saw model Samuel Allerton a couple of months ago photographed by Christoph Musiol for Geil Magazine (see that shoot below). Samuel was not credited in the post I saw and it took me awhile to track down his full name so I could do proper research. He reminded me a bit of Aaron Eckhardt in Erin Brockovich. Tracking him down was not easy, but as you can see, it was worth the wait. There is something special about Samuel that I am sure you can clearly see. He exudes in his work; class, intelligence, sophistication and a raw sexuality. Samuel is often described as having a 70's look, but I see him more current. Samuel, who is with Boss Management in Cape Town, may not look much like many of today's hot models, but that is exactly why he is now one of my favorites.

Samuel Allerton

Height: 6'2"
Waist: 33
Collar: 16
Shoes: 14
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Green

Below: Samuel in 'Kings of Neon' for GQ South Africa. Photographed by Neil Kirk.

Samuel Allerton by Christoph Musiol

It was this editorial from the Spring/Summer edition of the German Fashion Magazine Geil that first introduced me to Samuel. Love love this series by photographer Christoph Musiol. You can check out GEIL Magazine HERE: and Christoph's beautiful site HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 16th

Love the look and work of model Jonathan Isaiah whom I profiled this past February. Great shot by Scott Hoover.

Happy Birthday today May 16th to:

Favorite Birthday Boys for May 16th

David Boreanaz, no longer an 'Angel' turns 39 today.

Scott Reeves turns 44 today.

Brent Jasmer turns 45 today.

Pierce Brosnan turns 57 today.

R.I.P The Wanda Sykes Show

I looked forward last fall to The Wanda Sykes Show. I love Sykes and she is usually the best thing about the movies and shows she is in. It was clear from the get go however that the vision for the show was not going to work. Unfortunately the powers that be never made any changes to improve it. From the format to her co-host (I know he was a friend of Wanda's but he was quite simply horrible) the show never really got a rhythm flowing. There were too many unfunny sketches and not enough Wanda simply being Wanda. I would have liked to have seen two comfy chairs and Wanda with one celebrity just chatting for the hour. R.I.P The Wanda Sykes Show! Wanda I will miss but the show...not so much.

Kudo's to Bill Hader and 'Stefon'

Speaking of Saturday Night, what a difference a week makes. I loved EVERYTHING about last weeks Betty White episode of SNL. I guess the writers are tired, but this week quite frankly sucked! Alec Baldwin is usually great, but the only thing to love this week was 'Stefon'.

Bill Hader is my favorite player on SNL and I love whenever 'Stefon' makes an appearance. I love how Hader and Seth Myers find it hard to keep it together. Kudos Bill for providing the only laughs on SNL last night!

Note: Video is working about half the time, so if it does not work, head to

Pic Series of the Day: 'Dust Of Water' by Hans Fahrmeyer

Water is something most of us don't think much about. We drink it, we bath in it, it is a part of our daily life. Yet...Water is one of the main components to creating and maintaining life. From biblical stories through Katrina and the recent oil spill in the gulf, when water is involved it can have a powerful and sometimes deadly impact on human life.

Water is also a central part of sensuality, and often used by Hans Fahrmeyer in his work. From bathing and showering, there is a certain venerability created by using water in photography. When you see two people, together in a pool or bathtub, there is a completeness, a joy that is created. When, however it is one person alone in water....words such as crave and thirst come to mind. These two words connect to what I see when viewing this series. It is also provides a dramatic visual tool. Thanks again to Hans! As always be sure to check out Hans amazing site HERE: and his video channel on Daily Motion including his most recent video with Nick Ayler HERE: