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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 6th

Head of the Class by Frisky Frolic
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Scholastic by Frisky Frolic

'The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.
Dr. Seuss

There's few days that bring such conflicting emotions like the first day of school.  For some, the time preceding that day are filled dread, anxiety and even fear.  For others, it's a time of joy, excitement and eager anticipation.   I know many students have already returned to the classroom, but growing up where I live, school always started after the Labour Day weekend.

If you were lucky, it started on Thursday.  Sure, the school year always has the same number of school days, but there was something about returning on a Thursday that was a little more palatable.  You know you could push through two days with a weekend awaiting.   I had years when I experienced everyone of the emotions above.  

I loved school for the most part, and in my early school years, and my high school years, I was excited and eager for school to start.  During my Jr High years however, my older siblings had me terrified about starting a new school, and filled me with stories of the horror that older kids inflicted on the new crop of seventh graders.  It wasn't as bad as their stories, but it certainly had it's moments...

One of my favorite photographers is JayBee from Frisky Frolic.  Whenever I feature JayBee's work, I comment on how it evokes childhood feelings and memories from childhoods.  JayBee's use of fun, fantasy and color, and his ability to zero in on the erotic elements we associate with certain activities and holidays always triggers my mind, my memories and thoughts both real and those erotically imagined.  One of my favorite of JayBee's shoots was the scholastic themed F-bomb shoot, (HERE:) that featured several years ago.

In addition to getting your class schedule, showing off your new duds and finding out which teachers you'll have.  One of the best parts of the first week of school is meeting new people, some life-long friends and some mortal enemies.  It's also really important to get to know and connect with your new dorm room mate. 

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Classic Playgirl: September 1985

Back Issues
Playgirl Magazine
September 1985

Over the course of it's run, Playgirl Magazine has certainly spotlighted hundred of naked student bodies.  But why did I choose the September 1985 issue, and not one of the many Campus hunks spreads?  

Antonio Contrelle

Well, it wasn't cover subjects Joan Collins and Michael Nader.  They're certainly not students, but they could maybe teach a course on dramatic over acting on a Prime-time soap....  It also wasn't the flashback to centerfold Antonio Contrelle, although I did enjoy his spread.  It also wasn't the bare attraction feature, despite it's spotlighting some magnificent male backsides.

The issue featured one of my favorite, and one of the most interesting features on campus hotties.  Not only did the magazine strip down these student bodies, they spotlighted their majors, and the annual income they were expected to make.  Playgirl often discussed their models jobs, but focused on their bodies as the main point of attraction.  For this issues, they had you looking not only in their pants, but in their wallets.  Check out the students, their money makers, and the amount of money each were expected to make.  More on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

At the Chalkboard

Max couldn't help it, he got bored easily, especially in Math class.  As he stared at the chalkboard, the numbers all looked jumbled, the blended together, eventually turning into just a blurry blob on the board.  The blurriness was a relive though, as it was then he was easily able to tune out.

Enjoyed these brief moments, and filled them with fantasy's of being a rock star, an action hero, someone famous. He daydreamed about being popular, having friends, and getting the attention of his high school crush.  No one really gave him any attention before, not anything romantic, and not anything sexual.   Like his fantasy's, anything sexual was reserved for his daydreams, and his nights alone in his room.

Unfortunately, the problem with daydreams, or any type of dream, is that you eventually wake up.  In math class, the waker upper was his teacher, Mr. Freeman.  Mr. Freeman never failed to notice Max in mid-daydream, and seemed to relish slapping a ruler on his desk, or mocking him in front of the rest of the class.

Max knew exactly what was coming next, as always, Mr. Freeman would give him a detention.   Mr. Freeman however, was bored with giving Max detention, they never worked, and it was just another excuse for Max to tune out and daydream.

This time, Mr. Freeman sent Max to the chalkboard, and told him simply to 'solve it.'  Mr. Freeman said he had until the end of the class to solve the problem, or he'd have to stay after class until the math problem was successfully completed.

Max spent the next 45 minutes staring at the chalkboard, but had no clue what to do.  When the 3:15pm bell went off, Max stood there, still clueless as to what to do.  As his classmates left the room, Mr. Freeman shut the classroom door, sat at his desk and took off his glasses.

After a few minutes Mr. Freeman asked Max if he was up for another option to complete his consequence.  Max, already mentally drained from trying to solve the math problem jumped at the chance to ditch the board and said he'd be up for anything.  Max didn't even flinch when Mr. Freeman described the peeled down punishment he had in mind.  Stripping down for Mr. Freeman wasn't a punishment, it was one of the fantasy's that got him into trouble in the first place.

12 Days: William Zabka in Back to School

Thornton Melon: What's your favorite subject?
Bubbles: Poetry
Thornton Melon: Really? Well, then maybe you can help me straighten out my Longfellow.

To help his discouraged son get through college, a funloving and obnoxious rich businessman decides to enter the school as a student himself. 

There are thousands of movies set in high school, comedies, dramas, coming of age films.  High School is such a crucial time in our development, not to mention that many of us experience our first sexual experiences during our junior and senior high school years.  I've featured many of them on the site, but I think the most appropriate back to school film to feature this week is the aptly titled Back To School.

I was never really a huge fan of Rodney Dangerfield, yet I remember laughing at his antics the first time I saw the 1986 comedy.  I think I first watched it on VHS with my family, one of our weekend video rentals.  Dangerfield appeared alongside Robert Downey Jr, Adrienne Barbeau, Sally Kellerman, Burt Young and Keith Gordon.

For so many of us however, the film is most remember for those scenes with actor William (Billy) Zabka in his red speedo.   I wasn't really a huge fan of Zabka either, never got into the Karate Kid craze, but I did ejjoy a hot blond budging in a speedo.   Zabka filled out his speedo rather well, and also did a good job playing the mean high school jock.

I was surprised on a recent re-watch how few scenes of Zabka in his red speedo there were.  When I think back on the film, that's all I usually think of, but there were really on a couple.  Regardless, even though most of you have seen it before, always time for another quick peak!