Sunday, December 14, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 14th

Love this shot of model Cary Hamilton from New York by Liem Pham Photography.

Favorite Birthday Boy for December 14th Leandro Maeder

Supermodel Leandro Maeder turns 21 today.

Favorite Birthday Boy #2 for December 14th Michael Owen

So beautiful, English footballer Micahel Owen, currently England's fourth-highest scorer of all time with forty goals turns 29 today.

Favorite Pic Series of The Day: Garth by Dylan Rosser

I posted a picture of Garth awhile ago as the Pic Of The Day and got a few emails about him. This set, which is one of my favorites by Dylan Rosser is one of 3 of Garth on Dylan's sites. It is simply beautiful, especially the use of the blue in the last set of images. I don't generally like to push blog readers to join a pay site, as most are a waste of money, but I can tell you from experience that Dylan Rosser's is worth it. There are not hundreds of pics on his sites, but the way he features his models is simply amazing to me. His prices are great to, and I love that you can pay with paypal. I had trouble with my password a few times, and was assisted quickly. Check out his sites HERE:

Sports Hunk of the Day: Yohann Gourcuff

22 year old French football star Yohann Gourcuff has such a beautiful face highlighted by his amazing eyes. Add his amazing bod and talent and you have quite a package. Gourcuff is known for his kicking and throwing abilities, and his undeniable skills are some of the best in Europe. Gourcuff does have the reputaion of having difficulty sustaining his energy through a whole game, and gets tired, but we will let that pass, as at 22, he has time to develop his talent, and has a long future ahead of him.

Above pic from one of my favorite bloggers, Calciofan.

Got Milk?

With one of my favorite actors, Sean Penn leading an amazing cast, I have already been looking forward to seeing 'Milk'. A James Franco skinny dipping scene (below), is just gravy.

Just Because: Bruno Tonioli

Just Because the British edition of Cosmo seems to get almost everyone naked at one point or another, including Dancing With The Stars Bruno Tonioli who judges the show both in England and in the US.