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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 27th

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Happy Birthday today April 27th

Happy 33rd to actor William Moseley!

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The Royals

Margarita with a Straw (2014)

Cascading Calvins

Thespian Torsos: Brandon Barash

I haven't watched Days of our Lives in awhile, but working from home, and hearing that Brandon Barash has returned, might have me tune back in. There's something so incredibly hot about Barash and his on screen chemistry with Camila Banus is off the charts.

Jonathan Penner: Now & Then

When I began watching Survivor Philippines, the actor I initially had my eye on was Lisa Whelchel.  I caught repeats of The Facts of Life when I was kid, and was curious how the actress who played prissy Blair would handle herself on the show.  Lisa proved herself much 'heartier' than the character she played on TV.  Although her sit-com was long off the air, given it's popularity, I was a bit surprised none of the others seemed to recognizer her, or at least admit to it.  Except of course for Jonathan Penner.


Penner had his own sit-com history, appearing in several different shows during the 90's.  After Philippines began airing, Penner's acting past, including his nude scenes, quickly began to surface.  Penner appeared full frontal in two shows, Anarchy TV and Rude Awakening.

One of Penner's sit-com appearances was one I knew well, but one I didn't initially connect him with.  I always enjoyed The Nanny, and remember crushing over the hottie who played Fran's fiance Danny Imperiali.  Last month, the show's cast reunited for a pandemic table read of the shows pilot. (HERE:)  I recognized the actor in the top right hand corner and finally connected the hottie playing Danny was Jonathan.

Penner isn't acting too much these days, but he does still maintain a public profile, mostly through social media.  The actors wife is living with ALS, and Penner is quite vocal on his Twitter sharing the highs and lows of living with the motor neuron disease.

Grapevine (1992)

The Naked Truth (1995-1997)

The Nanny (1993)

Penner, far right/top row, The Nanny Virtual Reunion (2020)

Anarchy TV (1998)

Also appearing fully naked with Jonathan on Anarchy TV was actress Jessica Hecht. Jessica has a long and impressive acting resume, including her turn as Susan on Friends.

Rude Awakening (1998-2001)
Full clips available on Scenes Of Male Skin