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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 28th

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The Demon Butcher of Wall Street

If you haven't guessed already, today's theme is American Psycho.  More specifically, it's Patrick Bateman who's my focus, and the many men who've slipped on the see-through raincoat and bloodied up their white boxer briefs.

Although all Patrick Bateman's stem from the 1991 novel by Bret Easton Ellis, it wasn't the novel, nor the 2000 film that directly spurred on today's theme.  My real interest in Bateman the character, stemmed from promotional images of Benjamin Walker from the 2016 Broadway adaptation.  I had saved a few images planning a future post on Walker.  A few months ago, I was reminded of that desktop folder after seeing two image of Mikey Maverick on Reddit.   As you can see, Mickey's costume is an eye catcher, and both of his tools are both impressive, and frightening in size...

With the current occupant int he White House horrifying much of the rest of the world, the book and main character has taken on an even broader meaning than even Ellis could have predicted.  Check out the next two pages full of a bunch of butchering Bateman's.  From the screen to the stage, and course given it's FH, some talented artists and models bringing their own creative take to the iconic character.


The Terrorizing Torontonian


'Matt channelled 'the actor' channelling the protagonist from American Psycho. As you can see Matt was able to draw upon his acting skills to portray a psychotic, yet sexy character.'

Some long time FH readers undoubtedly remember the site's 2011 first model search competition organized between FH and photographer Chris Teel.  The deserving winner was actor, dancer and model Matt Eldracher, and part of his prize was a shoot with Chris.  

One of the inspirations for their first shoots was Patrick Bateman, and Matt used his experience as an actor to fully commit to the character.  One of the things I especially liked about Matt's Bateman was his beautifully intense expression of torment.  I didn't feel bad for Bateman in the film, but there is a sadness and longing to the character that Matt and Chris so beautifully capture. Virtually return to 2011, and the original piece recently updated with images not featured when I originally posted.  Check out Canadian Carnage HERE:

Benjamin Walker in American Psycho: The Musical

'There is an idea of a Patrick Bateman; some kind of abstraction. But there is no real me: only an entity, something illusory. And though I can hide my cold gaze, and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable... I simply am not there.'
Patrick Bateman

American Psycho: The Musical 
Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre 
Performances: 54 (Apr 21, 2016 - Jun 05, 2016) 

'No carcass is more spectacularly toned than Mr. Walker’s, which is just as well, since he spends much of the second act in nothing but (bloodstained, natch) tighty-whities. But it is made clear that he’s not just another pretty six-pack. (With his hair in a smooth 1950s Tony Randall cut, he suggests a Ken doll in a toy chest full of action figures.) Even more than Matt Smith, who originated the role in London, Mr. Walker presents Patrick as an insecure man who deeply needs to fit in and despises himself for doing so'
NewYork Times

I wasn't really that familiar with Benjamin Walker when I first saw promotional shots for his role in American Psycho: The Musical.  Those tighty whitie shots however, left an impression and I've seen seen a few of his movies.  The musical, adapted by Riverdale writer and creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa  from the book by Bret Easton Ellis began in London but soon made it's way to Broadway.

Check out more from the Broadway production on the NEXT PAGE HERE:  and more Patrick Bateman's on stage HERE:

No Introduction Necessary: Luke by Studio1x

'I think my mask of sanity is about to slip.'
Patrick Bateman

FH viewers are keenly aware of my love of holidays, especially Halloween.  Although I've visually celebrated  Halloween beginning with the site's first year, it's gotten bigger and more elaborate over the last five years.  In those early years, I was hunting down holiday themed images, and mostly using familiar  images that most viewers had seen again and again.

As FH grew, I was fortunate to have many generous photographers share their holiday images, and some, shot specifically for the site.  It has become a tradition to see Gordon Nebenkerns Christmas elves, and imagery from New Manhattan Studios, Lights On Studio and Studio1x over the holidays. Most of the creative ideas for the shoots come from the artists themselves, but often, I bug them with an idea or two, like my hunt for the perfect male witch.

This Halloween, everything beautifully came together.  When I was talking with Tom from Lights On Studio, the theme was easy.  If you check back on the 31st, you'll understand when you see the model, there was no other choice.  When Jim from Studio1x and I began going back and forth on themes, we batted several ideas back and forth.  I had an idea, but wasn't sure if I might be asking too much... 

Last Halloween, I got it in my head to find images that paid homage to the iconic shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. (HERE: & HERE:)  I spent more time than I should have looking for images shots that featured a male 'Marian', lathering up before Norman's arrival.   It was too late to ask an artist to put together a shoot, but I did find enough images to finish the theme.  I was also fortunate to have an original drawing from Classic Configuration featuring one of FH's most popular models soaping up.

I've had many movies and characters I've wanted to feature next, and I think most of you already know what movie was on my mind for this year.  Patrick Bateman has become an iconic symbol and the ultimate stereotype yuppie greed, shallowness, narcissism and of course the violence and horror that often comes along with them. 

Although Jim was game from the start, he was a little hesitate given he hadn't seen the movie.  I quickly sent him a few images to help visualize what I was looking for.  Basically, there only a handful of looks I was hoping Jim could re-created.  Looks I think most fans of the movie and character associate with the Wall Street killer.  Patrick is known for his see-through raincoat, his white underwear, his blade, and of course his chainsaw.  Who have guessed the chainsaw would be the easiest part...

Jim had a chainsaw, but had to look for the see-through rain coat.   The biggest challenge however were not the props, it was finding just the right model.  Jim already had several models in mind for his Halloween shoot before I through my Patrick Bateman idea at him.  He wasn't sure however, if any of them would be prepared to be washing fake blood out of their crevices days and days after the shoot was over.

As you can see, Jim was successful.  model Luke London not only got into having the blood put on, he also welcomed Jim to shoot him washing it off.  Luke also did an incredible job of getting into character and into the murderous mind set of the Manhattan madman.  As hot as Luke is, those killer looks of his are beautifully, but utterly disturbing. 

Did I mention there was a chainsaw involved....  Check out more of Jim's shots with Luke when the butchering banker picks up his chainsaw, and gets rid of those bloody undies on the NEXT PAGE HERE:.  

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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 27th

Luke London by Studio1x  
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Supporting Studs: Drew Moerlein

'Is this real?” and “What am I doing up here?” Then I immediately realized that this was the culmination of years of training, work and preparation, and that I was in fact living my dream and performing in one of the coolest and most innovative new shows on Broadway. It was an indelible and wonderful memory.'

His excitement is understandable as American Psycho marked actor Drew Moerlein;s Broadway debut.  Taking on the pivotal role of Paul Owen, (Paul Allen in the film) Paul certainly gets quickly under Patrick's skin.  Although they have last names, like Jared Leto in the movie, Paul's end comes brutally and quickly before the curtain falls on act 1. 

Drew & the cast of American Psycho The Musical for a shoot for Broadway Style Guide

'Paul Owen is the golden boy. He is successful, charismatic, generous, funny and admired without breaking a sweat. He is what Patrick Bateman aspires to be. Paul is on the ’80’s fast train like all the financial men of the time, but somehow he always has all the best reservations, business cards and hair styles.'
Drew Moerlein for HollywoodSoapBox

Drew in V/H/S (2012)

In addition to his work on stage, Moerlein's has appeared in numerous television and film roles.  When I decided to feature Drew in today's themed posts, I didn't think he'd done any nudity, but I was in for a pleasant surprise.   As you can see, Drew has a spectacular strip off and skinny dip in the 2012  horror flick V/H/S. 

A Plethora of Patricks

Before coming to Broadway, American Psycho: The Musical opened in London three years earlier.  Here are three more favorite Patrick Bateman's from the London, Australia and San Francisco. 

Matt Smith

American Psycho: The Musical
Almeida Theatre, London,
December 12, 2013-February 1st, 2014
Matt Smith as Patrick Bateman

'According to the publicity, the show is based on the novel. But the opening image rising up through the floor — the tall, fit body of ice-cool Matt Smith in nothing but tight white briefs and an aqua eye mask slavishly re-creates the U.K’s DVD cover image of the movie. But where the movie cleverly played with audience’s fears by presenting Bateman’s shocking behavior as real and only later suggesting everything to be his fantasy, the stage production never really allows us to believe that Patrick is a reliable narrator. Despite Matt Smith’s game effort — you can see Bateman’s pain behind his eyes with any fierceness he arouses is neutered by the score’s flippancy.'

According to Attitude UK, the images below were of Matt from the London production.  Although I couldn't find any account of nudity in the production, they may have been from a rehearsal, or later taken out.  Regardless, there doesn't have to really be a reason to include images of Matt's spectacular side and butt.

 Ben Gerrad

American Psycho: The Musical
Hayes Theatre, Sydney Australia
May 10th, 2019-June 14th, 2019
Ben Gerrard as Patrick Bateman

Although it lasted just under a month, actor Ben Gerrard received great reviews for his turn as Patrick Bateman.  Some of you might remember Gerrard from his time on the British drama Hollyoaks.  Given how 'American' American Psycho is, I often wonder how it translates in other parts of the word.  Especially the Manhattan lifestyle the characters lead.

Ben in his Hollyoaks days

'This Australian premiere also features a supremely talented cast. Gerrard delivers as the phlegmatic and solipsistic urbane slayer, a man who appears not to be a fully-fledged human being, but instead something of a shell. His Bateman is immediately unsettling and draws us into a warped, hedonistic existence. Gerrard does well in depicting Bateman’s gradual descent.'

Kipp Glass

American Psycho: The Musical 
Victoria Theatre, San Francisco 
May 17, 2019 through June 8, 2019 
Kipp Glass as Patrick Bateman

I wasn't familiar with this production, or lead Kipp Glass, but like so many things, the visuals had me wanting to see more....

'Kipp Glass is a pitch-perfect Patrick Bateman, imposing and volatile whether in swaggering arrogance, cold contempt or uncontrollable rage. At first he seems simply incapable of human feeling, cataloging his skin-care regimen and all the stuff he has, until he starts fuming over somebody having a better-designed business card than his or being able to score trendy restaurant reservations that he can’t.'