Thursday, December 31, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 31st

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Maybe It's Much Too Early In The Game

Happy New Years to all those checking in today!

πŸ•› Wishing you all a safe, healthy and stimulating 2021 πŸ•›

Party Guest:

If you checked out the site yesterday, you met Jordan, a special guest at Studio1x's early New Year's Eve celebration.  There was another guest who joined in the fun to shoot a few festive shots especially for FH.  Check out more of Khalil getting his party on by clicking the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Midnight Kiss:

'They Came To Slay'

FH readers know I love films with the combo of holiday and horror.  It was thanks to a reader, Nick, that I became of Midnight Kiss, and New Year's Eve installment of the Hulu Into The Dark anthology series.  The films, directed by Carter Smith, features a cast of incredibly hot actors, almost all of whom, have a nude scene in the film.  Check out some caps on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Popping His Cork! Cal by Lights On Studio

'Once you pop, the fun don't stop!'

When model Cal Green finished slipping in and out of his Elf Costume, (Exposing OneELF) Lights on Studio's Tom Nakielski had one more outfit he wanted him to slip on.  Then of course, slip off.  Well, it really wasn't an outfit, not really, just a tight pair of shimmering boxer briefs and a gold hat to help FH celebrate the end of 2020.

The climax of the shoot has to be Cal popping open a bottle of champagne, which Tom said was a lot of fun for both Cal, and for him to shoot.  Cal grabbed his bottle firmly as the pressure began to build. Although the liquid burst out in just a matter of seconds, Tom managed to get some great shots of the Cal's explosive and fizzy eruption.   If you go by Cal's facial expressions, he appears to have had a good time.

'Pleasure without champagne is purely artificial.'
Oscar Wilde

Cal Green on ModelMayhem

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day (2) for December 31st


Seasonal Sightings


Party Favor: Khalil by Studio1x

'For being his first nude shoot, Khalil was very comfortable and handled it like the pro he is.'

There's nothing like a guest who brings his own party favors.  For this particular New Year's Eve bash, the favor was a slow strip by guest Khalil to all those dropping into FH to help celebrate the last night of a very trying year.   We are especially lucky that Khalil fit in an appearance given after this shoot with Studio1x, he had to pack up and leave and moved across the country.

Khalil and Jim had worked together before, doing some location shots outside.  Up until this shoot however, all of Khalil's shoots had been clothed.  Khalil had expressed to Jim a few times, his desire about possibly going a little further and giving an implied nude shoot a try.  Jim had tried a few times in the past to pull something together, but because of Khalil's job int he service, his work schedule is one that is ever changing.

Last month, when Jim learned that Khalil had gotten a new work assignment, that was going to move him across the country, a concerted effort was made to ensure a shoot happened before Khalil had to leave.  As you can see, the proposed 'implied' shoot turned into a full nude shoot to help ring in the New Year.  Maybe it was because the year was so stressful, or maybe it was because he was heading out of the State, but Khalil was fully on board with ringing in the New Year with a bang.

'I thought he would be fun to do a New Years shoot since I haven't done any of those in the past.  Khalil's great suit and purple shirt it fit right into the theme I was going for. For being his first nude shoot, he was very comfortable and handled it like a pro he is. I always enjoy working with him and am sad that his move will mean we won't be able to explore more ideas in future shoots.'

12 Days: Into the Dark: Midnight Kiss

Midnight Kiss follows a group of longtime gay best friends and their straight female bestie as they head to a beautiful desert home to celebrate New Year's Eve. 

One of their annual traditions is to play a game called Midnight Kiss, a sexy but ultimately dangerous challenge to find that special someone to help you ring in the New Year. As friendships have grown strained with secrets, jealousy and resentment, the group faces another challenge when a sadistic killer wants in on the game. Relationships are put to the test and truths are revealed as the night turns into a fight for survival.

In the tradition of Scream, Hulu's Midnight Kiss opens with the introduction of the character who doesn't stick around very long.  Ryan, we barely knew ya!   Like Janet Leigh in Psycho, Ryan hops into the shower one last time before the slashing begins.

Will Westwater

The studly Will Westwater plays Ryan in the films opening sequence, and sadly doesn't get to join his friends for New Years Eve.  Director Carter Smith doesn't shy away from showing Ryan's rear in all it's glory, it's fully on display without any quick cuts or edits.  Westwataer is just one of five actors whose butts gets great exposure in Midnight Kiss. 

Until I was alerted to this film by Nick, I'd never heard of Hulu's Into The Dark. In researching the film, it was great to hear that Blumhouse, the production company for the series, insisted that the film makers hire all gay actors for the gay roles in the film.  The producers managed to get a talented and appealing group of young actors to fill the five principal roles. 

Augustus Prew

I was first introduced to actor Augustus Prew in 2010 when he co-starred with Zac Efron in The Life And Death Of Charlie St. Cloud.  Some of you might know the talented actor from his roles on television shows including: The Borgias, Prison Break and The Morning Show.  Prew will next be seen in the television adaptation of The Lord of the Rings.

Lukas Gage

Although it's a difficult call, I think my favorite character and actor in Midnight Kiss is Logan played by Lukas Cage.  I hadn't heard of Cage before, but plan on keeping my eye on him.  Cage appeared in the show Love Victor, a show that's on my cue to watch one of these days.

Men (Moments) of the Year

For this particular year ending post, the men of the moment aren't necessarily my favorite models, photographers or actors.  I would be impossible to narrow down favorites from the many artists that I feature.  These men however, made an impact this year, most for showing a little skin.  Most bared it intentionally, a few (ahem... Chis Evans) maybe not so much.  All though, made an impact on-line in a year we desperately needed the diversions. 

Men of Instagram

From Leslie Jordan's videos to photographs from artists that inspire, Instagram continued to be a great place to visit.  Now, the Instagram  police are getting on my last nerve, there is a difference between breaking rules, and the expression of self through art.  There is a difference, and they seem to know it when it comes to celebrities like Ansel Algort. (Below)  I loved Ansel's nude shot, an image made even more provocative given it was taken by his father.  Had he not been a celebrity however, I'm sure the shot would have been quickly removed.  There's nothing Instagram hates more than a hint of pubic hair.

One of the more surprising images that Instagram let stay up for awhile was the image below from actor Chris Lowell. The actor, whom I first featured back in 2008 (HERE:) during his time walking shirtless with a surf board on Private Practice.  Chris,, now also a photographer, posted the image of himself below that if I'm not mistaken, shows his penis.  The image is indeed a beautiful shot, and from I remember stayed up for awhile.  Not sure who removed it, Instagram or the actor himself, but it was good while it lasted. 

Onlyfans for Celebs

Many celebrities turned to Onlyfans this year, some, for the freedom to post what they want.  For others, it was a good way to earn a little extra cash while their acting gigs dried up during the pandemic. Actor Tyler Posey (above) is getting the lions share of attention, and he's posted some great shots, but.  I'm more drawn to Michael Yeager.  Yeager's OnlyFans is one sculpted piece of delicious cake. 

The Dude Tube

The net went wild earlier this month with a taste of crack from KJ Apa.  Now I lust after Apa as much as the next guy, but this 'nude scene' seemed like more like bait, than an actual meal.  Now I agree, it's more of Apa than we've seen on screen before, but some of his scenes on Riverdale are far more satisfying to me.  I'm sure Apa feels the pressure of weaving his serious acting goals with the demand to show some skin, but I'm hoping he finds a role in the future that lets him show both his talent, and his entire delicious butt.

I don't generally re-watch television shows, but I'm actually looking forward to re-watching Normal People some time in the future.  Paul Mescal (above) was so good, and the story so compelling, it deserves another look. 

Tom Mercier (below) made a big splash on-line for his full frontal in the pilot for HBO's We Are Who We Are.  The scene was so memorable, not only due to Mercier's incredible body, but because of how the scene was shot.  Usually naked men on HBO, even when nude, are hidden, but not in this case.

Magazine Moments of  Modeling Men

Model Pietro Boselli has the body of a Greek God for sure, but my interest was beginning to wain.  Not because of his looks, but because of my assumptions about some of his social media posts.  His recent shoot for Yummy Magazine however, yanked me back in.  The  70's porn vibe captured by Italian photographer Giampaolo Sgura is magnificent.  Pietro also seems to feel more freedom to nakedly express himself since recently leaving his teaching position.

A Christmas Climax. 

Bridgerton took the streaming world by storm with it's Christmas Day release.  And speaking of releases....   Thanks to actor RegΓ©-Jean Page, pulling out and jizzing in a cloth never looked so hot. 

Freddie Stroma

Speaking of Bridgerton, although he doesn't really get to shine as Prince Friederich, let's not forget the hotness that is actor Freddie Stroma. Stroma's nude scene in 4, 3,2,1,(below and HERE) remains one of a favorite. 


The 'unplanned' releae of shots of actors Chris Evans and Isaac Powell were both  hot and welcomed.  Equally as hot however, was the mature and classy way both actors chose to handel it. Made me respect both actors even more.