Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 9th

Yannick by Saki
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Seasonal Sightings:

Federico Massaro: Succulent Selfies

Height: 187 cm
 Chest: 107 cm 
Waist: 84 cm 
Hips: 100 cm 
Hair: Brown 
Eyes: Brown 
Shoes: 46

'When you do hard things, you have an easier life. When you do easy things, you have a harder life.'
Federico Massaro

Italian model Federico Massaro is known for his images and work with luxury brands such as Neiman Marcus and Dolce & Gabbana.  As hot as he looks in those campaigns, some of my favorite images of Federico are his succulent selfies.  Federico takes a lot of hot selfies, to both show off, and chronicle the hours of hard work he puts in at the gym. 


'Hen and Junior farm a secluded piece of land that has been in Junior's family for generations, but their quiet life is thrown into turmoil when an uninvited stranger shows up at their door with a startling proposal.'

While many of us wait for the December release of All of Us Strangers, Amazon Prime is giving us a visual appetizer of actor Paul Mescal.   In the just released drama Foe, Mescal stars along side Saoirse Ronan in the film.

One of my favorite genres of film is the psychological thriller, and there are far too few made these days. I'd rather watch a great thriller, than another movie with actors in tights, emoting in front of a green screen.  I grew up on thrillers, and am looking forward to watching Foe this weekend.

Hot & Collared: Yannick by Saki

I often describe FH as a showcase for artists and models.  Many of the that men I feature however, don't describe themselves as models.  The site spotlights actors and singers, athletes, and performers from a variety of fields.  It also spotlights every day guys I find interesting or hot, or guys who just enjoy being in various stages of undress, most often, in open spaces and public places.

Lately, I've realized that many of the men I've featured, started out just trying to to get laid.  Well, maybe they just wanted a date.... The purpose of dating however, usually goes beyond just having a nice dinner or catching Marvel movie.  Most people date to find a partner, to enter a relationship, and to have lots and lots of great sex.  Whether it's after that first date, or after several, sex is almost always hovering near the goal line.

Yannick didn't start out with the goal to have images of his nude body on site devoted to the male form.  He certainly did want his body noticed, but maybe not by quite so many sets of eyes.  Yannick went to photographer Saki, to get a few shot taken for him to post on a gay dating website.  Yannick wanted a man.  

Maybe he wanted lots of men, Saki wasn't sure how everything turned out, but given this set of images, I am totally positive he got plenty of replies, and more than a few dates....  I was certainly taken with Yannick's strong, handsome face, his beautiful eyes, and his fit, and delectably hot body. (not to mention, an especially photogenetic penis..)  I'm sure that I'm not the only one, who would have clicked 'connect' on that dating website, after seeing Yannick slowly slip off of his white dress shirt.  Just down far enough, to beautifully frame his beautiful backside. 

Yannick looks so comfortable in front of Saki's lens, and certainly seems aware of his most alluring assets. This was Yannick's first time posing nude, and Saki spent time ensuring he felt comfortable with the process, and in front of the camera. They didn't talk much during the shoot as Saki finds that distracting while he's working, but they did spend time getting to know each other after both Yannick and Saki got the images they wanted. 

As much I loved Saki capturing Yannick sliding out of his shirt, it wasn't the collar on the dress shirt that I was referring to in the title.  It was the white ruffled collar that Yannick is wearing in the shot below.  I've noticed that Saki has used that collar in other shoots, and had it wrapped around the necks of many of the models that he has worked with.

Saki shared that collar is called a fraise and is formed by pleats or godrons (round pleats resembling an 8) around the neck, which highlighted and bring light to the face.  Supposedly it was very fashionable in the 16th century.    It is said that Henry II adopted the ruff and neckline to hide a scar.  

I don't think Yannick was really trying to hide anything, well except maybe a mole or two, but I did have to wonder if he used the fraise image on his dating profile.  I'm guessing that if he did, he may have attracted attention from a certain set of fetish viewers looking for something a little more playful, than just a meal or a movie.