Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 28th

I too give this hottie the thumbs up!

Also celebrating today October 28th

Actor Joaquin Phoenix turns 34 today.

Brad Paisley turns 36 today.

Italian singer and songwriter Eros Ramazzotti turns 45 today.

Also Celebrating:

Football's Alan Smith turns 28
Julia Roberts turns 40
Jamie Gertz turns 44
Daphne Zuniga turns 46
Annie Potts turns 56
Dennis Franz turns 64
And Joan Plowright turns 79

Favorite New Model for Oct 28th John Paul Matteucci

I was certainly taken when I saw my first picture of the beautiful John Paul Matteucci, and read his mini bio on Model Launch. He seems like such a sweet guy and is certainly amazing looking. Here is what he says about himself:

"Allow Me To Introduce Myself... . I was born and raised in Romania and it is still one of my fav places on earth. So beautiful!!!!! I'm now 22 years old, wow, I feel so old saying it. I love my life just how it is. I have a wonderful family and many great friends. I am single and I always enjoy the company of a beautiful smart woman who I can hold a conversation with so if that sounds like you then feel free to write me anytime. I love my mother and father very much and all my aunts and uncles, sisters and whomever else is part of my family. I am working really hard to play pro soccer like my dad!! my dream is to pear on the front cover of a muscle fitness magazine."

John Paul's pics were all taken by photographer Dan Skinner. I have been a fan of Dan's work for awhile, but cannot seem to find a website of his to give him proper credit. If anyone has a link, please let me know.

The next three pics are my favorites. There is something very sexy to me about a man shaving, especially naked. Love Dan Skinners work in these shots.

Favorite Sports Guy for October 28th Denis Goossens

The beautiful Denis Goossens, a pole vaulter from Belgium who looking to break into the world of modelling. I think this 20 year old hottie will not have much trouble.

Favorite Classic Playgirl Guy for October 28th Terrence Dineen

Terrence Dineen, Playgirl, April 1993.

Terrence Dineen certainly fits the bill as a favorite hunk, and he is one of my favorite Playgirl guys. Not shaved as many guys in PG often are, he looks natural with that great face, hair and body. Terrence was so popular he was brought in twice in 1993 for layouts.

Terrence was so popular he was brought back for the December 1993 issue.