Saturday, April 4, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 5th

Easter Colors by Frisky Frolic
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Happy Birthday today April 5th

Happy 34th to actor & singer Eugenio Siller!

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A Basket full of Goodies

Below: Simon Fitskie

Happy Easter

Above: Casey Levens by Scott Teitler for Jon Magazine

Below: Images from artist Gizmorian

Easter On FH:

Ghost Of Easter Past (Easter posts 2007-2013)

We Need to Talk About Kevin....

Meanwhile, in the upstairs bedroom, Kevin and Zach stand around in their undies, talking, scratching and changing... Nothing like underwear strategy talk on Big Brother Canada!

Kevin has one of the hottest little bodies, and he loves to spend most of his days hanging out in his grey undies. Zach usually has on his green shorts, but takes them off often enough to let us know he is a black boxer brief fan.

Big Brother Canada's Kevin Martin has a sexiness I cannot explain, it is not that he is exceptionally great looking it is the way he carries himself and flirts the hell out of anyone in front of him. Below, he and Bobby give lap dances to a very willing, but so 'not gettin any' Johnny, for his birthday.

Below: Kevin obviously happy to see Pilar

Frisky Frolic: Festival Of Colors

'Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.'

Christmas has red and green, Halloween owns orange and black. Easter, well it has them all. Bright yellows and purples, pastel pinks and blues, vibrant greens and whites. No one does holiday's, nor incredible color for that matter than JayBee from Frisky Frolic. With JayBee, it is usually naked bodies being painted rather than eggs, but who am I to quibble. In celebration of Easter, here is a Festival of some of Frisky Frolics most erotic and beautiful colors!