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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 21st

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Scott Layne & Steve Mateo in Vice Academy

Although the Vice Academy series was mostly about showing flashes of boobs, the producers of the second and third films wisely hired a couple of Playgirl models for a few moments of male nudity.  Although neither actor was Marlon Brando, that really wasn't that important, they had exactly what was required for their part.

Steve Mateo, Vice Academy 3 (1991)

'I'm going to go change.'

Although he didn't show the full Monty, Steve was named Mr. Canada in 1998 and appeared in a small spread in Playgirl.  Check it out in another post below of click HERE:

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Scott Layne, Vice Academy 2 (1999)

'I was the meat in their sandwich.'

Although Scott only showed his sexy butt in Vice Academy 2, he showed everything in his Playgirl appearances. Check them out in another post below or click HERE:.

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Steve Mateo: Mr. Canada, 1986

'Who wouldn't want to get away for a quiet weekend in an idyllic cottage near Niagara Falls with Steve Mateo, Mr. Canada!'

Steve Mateo
Playgirl: September 1986 
Men of Canada 
Photography by Kathleen Bellesiles

'I'm a really happy person, I'm carefree, I don't let much get to me. I really believe that all problems can be solved. I'll give anything my best shot!

Still looking mighty fine in this recent head shot

Scott Layne: Man of the Month 1997

'The man of the Year is sporting a hickey!  Though we're ready to blame it on an over-ardent and lust sick fan, luscious Scott Layne is quick to reveal who the real sucker was... a hungry stingray just off the coast of the glorious Cayman Islands.'

Scott Layne
Man of the Month
Playgirl: November 1997
Photography by Annelli Adolfsson

Although Scott Layne was man of the month in 1997, he went to become Playgirls Man of the Year for 1998 in another shoot shot by photographer Annelli Adolfsson. Included here are my favorite shots from his various appearances in Playgirl from 1997-2003

'Always eager to make romance creative and spontaneous, Scott tells us about one of his recent sexapades that took place in a Los Angeles restaurant.  'I suppose it looked like my date was simply sitting on my lap, but sparks were really flying as we got it on at the dinner table.  A waiter even came by with bread and I took a deep breath and managed a thank you right before exploding.'

More of Dominic by Richard Rothstein

More of my favorite shots from Richard Rothstein's three hour roof top shoot with Dominic!

Richard shooting Sergey shooting Dominic