Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11

Favorite Pic Of The Day for September 11th

Favorite Birthdays for September 11th

Happy Birthday today to:

Actor Tyler Hoechlin turns 21 today.

Harry Connick Jr. turns 41 today.

Moby turns 43 today.

Actress Kristy McNichol turns 46 today.

Favorite Male Model for September 11th Alex Christensen

22 year old California boy Alex Christensen from Major Models is a hottie. His face does something for me! I would call it 'goofy sexy'. Some might just call it sexy, but Alex sort of looks at times like he is on Saturday Night Live, mocking male models. I know this is not the intent, but I find it hot!

Congrats Theo Tams!!!

Congrats to Theo Tams who last night won Canadian Idol! I have posted on Theo before and love it when your favorite from the beginning ends up winning. Below Theo is singing the wonderful Jann Arden song from Monday's show 'Good Mother'. That song gets me every time I hear it, and Theo did a great job!

Just Because: Ryan Kwanten

I love adorable Ryan Kwanten and have posted about him before. How great that he is in the new series 'True Blood'. I have not seen it yet, but have to thank Wintertype for posting pics of Ryan from the series. Thanks Wintertype!

Favorite Import of the Day: David Vlok

Odd to me there are very few men from South Africa who seem to take their clothes off for movies or photoshoots. Not sure if this is a cultural thing or another reason. One exception is actor David Vlok who some may know from his 13 years on the M-Net soap opera Egoli. David entered the movie business as a fight co-ordinator, and then worked as a stuntman in international pictures.
He acted in action films including Reason To Die (1989), Red Scorpion (1989), American Ninja (uncredited) and Jackie Chan's Who Am I?

I love these pics of David for many reasons. They remind me of old Playgirl shoots from the 70's and 80's. I personally have no feelings one way or another on chest hair, I love it on some guys, hate it on others. David wears his well. I am curious whether these shots are just random promotial shots or shots for a certain project. Especially the shot of David with the other guy. Possibly a random modelling shot? Anyone know anything more about this shoot?

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