Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Big Brother Update:

Before my update, a couple of Jesse skin shots. Come on, you knew he was too vain not to have some out there!!!

Well it looks like Steven is toast! I hate to see him go, nice guy and fun at times to watch.

Some are saying Steven is one of the best gay role models BB has had, but I can think of another...

I loved Will Wikle from Big Brother 5. I think he was a great role model, and he was funny and cute as hell! Will continues to work in tv and is one of the most likable and engaging personalities BB has had.

Big Brother: A Look Back- Drew Daniels

Speaking of Will Wikle, his housemate from Season 5, BB Winner Drew Daniel might not have been the brightest bulb in the pack, but man he was sure cute! Drew provided some of the best eye candy on reality television ever!

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 22nd

Favorite Birthday Boy for July 22nd John Leguizamo

Something very hot about John Leguizamo, great bod, great face, great actor! John turns 44 today.

Also celebrating today July 22nd

Also celebrating today July 22nd

Dutch football hunk Dirk Kuyt turns 28 today.

Singer Rufus Wainwright turns 35 today.

Footballer Barrie McDermott turns 36 today.

Shawn Michaels turns 43 today.

Actor Rob Estes turns 45 today.

Favorite Sports Guy of the Day for July 22nd Fabio Cannavaro

Italian football superstar Fabio Cannavaro is one amazing looking man! Sorry, again I went a big nutso with the number of pics, but there are so many great shots!

It's nice to see Fabio is so close to his teamates...