Sunday, November 9, 2008

Favorite Birthday Boy for November 9th Eric Dane

Eric Dane turns 36 today.

Also celebrating today November 9th

Also celebrating today November 9th

Nick Lachey turns 35 today.

Alexander Mazza turns 36 today. (See my previous post on Alexander).

Italian actor Pascal Persiano turns 48 today.

Favorite Fan Base not to be messed with: David Conrad's

Let me start by saying, that I am not a regular viewer of 'Ghost Whisperer'. I like the show, I simply don't love it enough to tivo. I am not usually home when it airs, but at the same time, when I am home, I usually have it on and though do not sit down and watch intently, enjoy having the show on while I am doing a task or some work.

The thing about 'Ghost Whisperer' that I do like, is that it is always enjoyable. I can count on it being the same each week. I like that about a Friday Night Drama. I also enjoy Jennifer Love Hewitt, who has suffered with the press and fans since her days as a popular rising star during her time on 'Party Of Five'. I also LOVE LOVE Camryn Manheim who I worshiped on 'The Practice' although is mercifully wasted on this show. I also really love David Conrad, who is a beautiful beautiful appealing actor playing the husband of many women's dreams.

Recently the writers of 'Ghost Whisperer' decided to mess with it's fans. When stories started to surface that David Conrad would be written out of the show, message boards went crazy with angry fans. Last week, his character, Jim, did indeed die and become a ghost. While I think he will come back to life next week, it doesn't really matter what the writers now do. This storyline, no matter how it plays out, jerked many of it's loyal fans enough to create a huge lost of trust with the show.

I am sure the writers know what a gem they have in Conrad. If they did not know it before, they certainly do now. There are some actors and their fans you simply do not mess with. The list is short, Richard Dean Anderson, Scott Bakula and a few others. CBS certainly learned with the cancellation of 'Moonlight' last season that Alex O'Loughlin has joined that list. There is something about David Conrad, his great looks and talent yes, but as well the writers can take credit for writing an ideal husband in Jim that women found understanding, supportive and most of all safe. These are qualities, especially safety, that you do mess with. Well, my guess is as I said Jim will be just fine either way, but again, no matter what, the writers have some work ahead of them to undo the stress they caused many of their fans.

Favorite Belly Button of the Day: Oliver Cheshire

When you first check out a guy, what do you notice first. Usually I am drawn to the face, and if the face is not attractive to me, the rest is pointless. I was drawn to Oliver Cheshire's face right away, he almost looks like a guy plucked right out of the 60's with his James Dean quality. But what struck me most about beautiful Oliver, who hails from England was his amazing stomach and belly button. Oliver has
had some big campaigns for Calvin Klein, Dsquared and his sexy ads for D&G which becvame very popular.

Favorite New Model Of The Day: Chase Wright

What is not to love about Florida native Chase Wright. His dark curly hair drives me wild, hot bod and an amazing face with those eyes that you could stare at forever. A huge lover of sports, Chase is currently attending University in Florida with the goal of becoming a lawyer with a focus in business law. Simply stunning!
The pictures of Chase are from the great AJR Imaging which you can find HERE: and a favorite photographer of mine I have talked about before Michael Perez who you can check out HERE: Alo check out Chase at his Myspace Page found HERE: