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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 10th

Jay by mickeyarny
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Happy Birthday today February 10th

Happy 51st to actor Marco Girnth!

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War ich Gut? (2007)

Seasonal Sightings

Maximiliano Palacio: Bangin'

Ok, I'm very late to this party.  Not the party featuring the hot guy in front of you, but the TV show where I first saw him.  I'm not a reality snob, I love my Survivor and watched Big Brother and some of the singing competitions for years.  I haven't really however, gotten into the Real Housewives franchise.  I always resisted, I always seemed so staged, and felt it was demeaning to women. 

I was right on both fronts, they do seem incredibly staged, and the shows don't exactly lift women up.  But.. I'm hooked, at least to one of them.  A few weeks ago, a local television channel had a Real Housewives of New York marathon, starting with season 1. I watched, and I have to admit, I devoured the first two seasons in a week.  I know why they call it a guilty pleasure, as I almost hated how much I enjoyed it.

Real Housewives of New York

I always seem to like the characters most others don't and for this particular show, I really loved Jill and really, really disliked all thing Bethenny.   Bethenny is so unwatchable, I did skip over most of her scenes.  The women are mostly train wrecks, but it provided a nice escape during a particular difficult month for me personally.

Another highlight was the introduction of Maximiliano Palacio.  Specifically, it was the Introduktion of the Argentinian's incredibly sexy bangs.  I love me some bangs, and would loved to have shoved Kelly Bensimon aside so that I could have moved Maximiliano's  bangs off to the side.

Introduced as a businessman and polo player, a quick Google search added model and actor to the list.  What a combination of hobbies and professions weaved together in one hot package.  Between the bangs and the Spanish accent I wish Maximiliano had stuck around more than just a few episodes.  As I'm beginning to learn however, not many men in this group of women's lives, often do...  I also find his appendix scar incredibly hot...

Before his departure, Max did have one other memorable scene.  Half of episode 10 revolved around the drama of Kelly being late to her own Halloween party.  It was worth the wait.  Kelly showed up with a loincloth wearing Max walking down a New York street on what appears to be a rather warm Halloween night.  I'm currently making my way through season 3, and Max is gone, and I know Jill is leaving the show soon as well.  Not sure I'll continue, but I hear Bethenny is leaving as well, so that might inspire me to continue. 

Next 2 shots from Doug Lohmeyer

The Halloween Party

Pandemically Provoked: Jay by Mickeyarny

' This is the beginning of my pandemic photography project.'

As a writer, there were things about the pandemic that fascinated me.  As a curious person, I was interested in the response from the artists I feature and the impact it had on their work.  For most, shooting came to a stand still last spring.  Scheduled shoots were cancelled, and almost all stopped working until the summer or after specific safety protocols were put in place. 

For one artist however, the pandemic proved an opportunity not to stop, but to begin his journey into shooting the male form.  Prior to the outbreak, Mickeyarny worked as a professional videographer.  Mickey and his team focused on creating commercial films for products as well vlogs for restaurants local businesses.  This included work situations which often included dozens of people on set.  This came to a halt last March when Covid reached Thailand.  Restrictions were put in place which permitted only 5 people at a time to be present in work situations.  This, along with the temporary closure of many of the businesses Mickey worked for, meant all commercial filmmaking had to be put on hold.

With work on hold, and time on his hands, Mickey decided it was a good time to focus on another of his artistic passions which had been dormant for awhile. Mickey had always wanted to photograph the male form, but never really had the time he felt needed to invest.  Although he studied in the US, his focus was art and filmmaking, and Mickey knew he had to research and educate himself on the skills needed.

'Many people are confused about why I didn't have photography skills given I'd been working with dslr, (digital single-lens reflex camera) for s many years. All I can say that the videographer and photographer are like a bartender and barista.  Although they have similar jobs, mixing liquids for drinking use different methods and equipment to come up with each drink for specific occasions.'

Given he had most of the equipment, after researching some of the basics, Mikey decided it was time to find a model.  His goal wasn't to necessarily capture images to be seen, but to practice photography and work on his skills.  He also hoped to begin to develop his portfolio.  Mickey also felt it help with is job as filmmaker as many of the actors he worked with often mentioned needing headshots.  Mickey also already had experience working with actors given he'd previous worked as intern for a talent agency during his time living in California.

Mickey began his hunt for models by posting an ad on Craigslist.  Although he received quite a few responses, there were so many people out of work at the time, he got a lot of odd balls, and sex workers who's jobs had also suffered a blow.  Given he was new to shooting models, Mickey was hoping to find a model with a bit of experience, one who might actually be helpful during the shooting process.  After going through dozens and dozens of responses, one finally caught it his eye.

Mickey was a little surprised to find such a good looking model answering his ad.  He was clear in the ad that he was new to the field and looking to gain some experience.  Jay too was looking to gain some experience, and to earn some money.  Jay is a wanderer, and travels the globe looking for work to pay for his travels and experiences.  Mickey wanted to get together and discuss his creative goals for the shoot.  Jay' didn't feel that was needed, if Mickey was paying, he was up for whatever Mickey might want to shoot.

Mickey decided to first meet Jay in a public place, and suggested a park near his house.  There they could get to know each other, and take a few shots at the location.  Mickey quickly felt comfortable with Jay, and they then headed back to Mickey's studio to shoot.  They began with Jay clothed, but he slowly removed pieces of clothing until he was naked.  Mickey shares that Jay didn't seem nervous or shy in the least, but did have a case of the giggles when asking Mickey about certain poses.  
I first spotted Mickey's work with Jay last fall after the new photographer entered a shot of Jay in the Model Mayhem pic of the day contest.  I was instantly drawn to Jay's curly hair, beautiful blue eyes and great chin and body.  I had no idea about Mickey's photography story, and loved learning that Jay's was Mickey's first experience with shooting the nude male form and that it was the pandemic that created the opportunity.  The images featured here are from their first shoot together, but Mickey shares that they went on to shoot several times together.  I'm hoping Mickey will share more of his work with Jay in the future!