Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 17th

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Happy Birthday today September 17th

Happy 31st to actor Dijon Talton!

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Man of the Moment: Wildlandmike

There are many men and women who've gained media attention over the years.  This year, between the disaster hat trick of Trump, wild fires and the pandemics, more and more people have gone on-line to speak up and share their thoughts on what's going on.  This past week, you may have been introduced to Wildandmike, the firefighter who chose to not only fight fires, but fighting conspiracy theories on his TikTok. Mike's video, his words, and his incredibly sexy face, captured the attention of many.

Pandemically Inclined

Most of us were introduced to the clean shaven, clean cut and adorable actor Logan Lerman in projects such as television's Jack and Bobby and movies like The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the Percy Jackson series.  Although most of us, couldn't go out for hair-cuts during the pandemic, most us ended up looking more slovenly and scruffy, not more hot...

Logan however, let the hair grow, and the grey grow out and the results have been dramatic.  I know most of you have seen these shots, they were shared everywhere last week, and the image below, is a particular favorite.  I don't have to dye my hair just yet, but always thought I would when the grey pushed through.  I can only dream, it would push through like Logan's!

After checking out Logan's Instagram, it seems Logan headed back to work last month.  Sadly, for the project, his hair was again cut and dyed.   Hoping they'll be a part in his future requiring him to again, require him to sport his pandemic make-over.

FaVorites: Sean Daniels

Sean by drobua

'I am interested in what this industry has to offer and I'm determined to learn/do what ever is necessary to make it happen.'

Next 2 shots by Darren Tieste

When I recently saw some images of model Sean Daniels, I was instantly captivated.  He has an incredible body, but was his face I was most drawn to.  In part, it was his beautiful features but it was also, that his face looked incredibly familiar.  I was sure I'd seen Sean before, maybe even featured him on the site.  I don't usually forget models I've featured, but I searched the blog for his name, and nothing came up.

Next 2 images by BJ Pascual

It started to really bug me, maybe I'd just seen his images before, but I also knew that if I had, I would have included him on the site.  Then... it came to me.  Sadani!  One of my favorite photographers that I've featured, was Texas based photographer Ev Dylan.  Back in 2010 I was fortunate to feature his work (HERE:)  with a model that at that time was credited as Sedani, a shortened version of his full name.

Sean by Davis Bates

'I took this on a spontaneous last minute day trip with two of my buds. We had been wanting to visit these sand dunes and finally had a day that we were all free to do it. While I am used to having my picture taken in next to nothing (bc I model), I've never been keen on showing my ass in a modeling picture. But since I was feeling one with nature and with good friends I said "fuck it! This will be a cool pic!" It was quite liberating tbh'
Daniel for The Travlin Bum

Sean by drobua

Remaining images by Brian Kaminski