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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 8th

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The New Nolte

There's a new Nick Nolte in town!  As hot as the original is, (see my previous Actors & Skin post o Nick HERE: & HERE:) as up cam see from the pics below, the new Nick has his own set of charms.

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Thanks goodness, at least for FH, very few hot male characters in horror movies listen to rule #1.  So many have showered, skinny dipped, streaked and had sexy, all before meeting their gruesome ends

FH readers know Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and Halloween Hunks is one of my favorite features to put together.  I'm starting this year's naked and bloody crop today with piece featuring the talented and incredibly hot Larry Poindexter.  Check it out below!

Horror Hunks: Larry Poindexter in Sorceress

'She gets what she wants. She keeps what she gets. She never lets go.'

I'm not sure why up until this year, I missed seeing Larry Poindexter's nude scenes in 1995's Sorceress.  The movie is crap, but Poindexter's nude scenes, especially having his butt slowly licked, is one of the hottest scenes I've seen in main stream horror flick.  Main stream, meaning, mostly video success, but given the flick's clear focus on female nudity, Poindexter's butt scenes were a welcome surprise, especially given how lickable the actor's derriere truly is!

Sorceress (1995)

I heard and seen the actor before, Larry Poindexter is a successful actor and producer and has been working steadily on TV and in film since the early eighties.  The Texas born actor began doing guest shots on episodic television in the early eighties working on shows including: CHiPS, Happy Days, The Facts of Life and Silver Spoons.

Poindexter quickly moved to films appearing on the big screen in movies including American Ninja 2, Warm Summer Rain, Toy Soldiers (the 1984 version, not the 1991 film) and a string of straight to video soft core films including Night Eyes and Body Chemistry 4.  The actor also spent time on soaps, both night time (Melrose Place) and daytime. (Santa Barbara, General Hospital)  Poindexter still pops up occasionally on Days of Our Lives as Father Lois.

The son of Tony Award winning lighting and set designer H.R. Poindexter and opera singer Sue Ann Poindexter, the young actor began acting in college, then appeared in summer stock in his native Texas at the Dallas Summer Musicals. He has continued to produce theatre and film concurrently with work as an actor, also working as a Casting Director, 2nd Unit director and associate producer. Poindexter continues to produce and develop theatre, most recently as an Executive Producer on Broadway's The Cher Show.

With all his project, many admittedly I haven't seen, I'm not sure Poindexter was any hotter than he was in The Sorceress.  His beautiful face and smile, his thick, curly hair and that body, highlighted by his sexy hairy chest and incredible butt, would cause any sorceress, or sorcerer, to use their best spell on him.

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Unforecasted: Daniel by Justin Thai

'This was my most intense photoshoot today, very excited with the results!'

Last month, I posted a teaser shot from Daniel's (thedeftmaneuver) new shoot with photographer Justin Thai. (Bound & Determined)  Some FH readers may remember Daniel from his work with Mark from MW Photo MD which I featured earlier this year.  Although when I posted A Moments Notice, Daniel was fairly new to modeling, I was impressed with the risks that he took in his work with Mark and the strength and determination I saw in his eyes.

I described Daniel's look as a storm, a brewing energy ready for release.  Some storms arise unexpectedly, without notice or warning . Although Daniel's release may not have been expected, but it was a natural progression.  Although unforecast, it was most definitely inevitable.

The reason this shoot was such a surprise to Daniel wasn't that he's not a risk taker, it just wasn't something he was specifically looking for.  The Maryland model actually considers him an introvert, but has found himself starting to enjoy seeing himself out there, and sense of confidence that comes with pushing himself beyond his comfort zone.  As erotically charged as this set of images may be,  they are actually some of the tamest from the selection Daniel sent on.

I decided to throw a few more questions Daniel's way, to find out how he felt after his first FH 
exposure.  I was also interested in how this shoot came about, and he felt about being completely naked and having a second photographer bind him in hand cuffs....

How did you feel after seeing yourself on FH after we featured your work with Mark?
It was rather surreal seeing myself on a blog.

Was this the first time you had nude images published on-line?

Did you show the story to anyone?
No, I'm not really interested in advertising what I consider an escape from my day-to-day.

How did your shoot with Justin Thai come about?
He and I had been in contact over a few years. We were never in the same place at the same time it seemed. One day he said he'd be in town and we finally made it happen.

Had you seen his work before?
Yes and it was really interested in shooting with him because of it.

Were there any discussions with Justin about the theme/concept before the shoot?
Yes, a lot of conversation trying to figure out the tone of the shoot. I wish I were as lean as some of his other models but it's motivation to try to get on their level haha.

When we featured the shoot with Mark you commented that utilizing the cuffs was a first. How did you feel about using them again?
They were a lot of fun. And hell yeah I'd use them again. I'm not much into bondage myself, but I like incorporating into my look. I think it's pretty hot.

This shoot really pushes the limits of erotic art, is this a conscious goal in your work?
Not necessarily trying to head that direction, but rather I'm just trying new things. But I have to say it's been very eye opening seeing myself captured in that way.

Walk me though the shoot and progression of the shot list?
Basically we started off with a few shirtless shots, but we quickly went into some more underwear and sheer undies shots. Shortly he directed me to get hard so I tried my best to stroke myself and stay hard but honestly it proved kind of challenging.

Justin was pretty chill, he offered a lot of direction and I appreciated working with someone who had specific poses/looks in mind.

Pardon the pun, but how did the erections come up? Was it something you planned ahead and discussed? 
It was something we previously discussed. I compiled some other artistic male nude photos and some included erections. I mentioned I'd like to capture something along those lines and he was certainly accommodating.

How did you feel when you were getting dressed at the end of the shoot, any conflicting feelings? 
It certainly felt surreal that I finally did something like that, I wouldn't say there were conflicting feelings.

After this shoot, where would you like to go next with a future shoot?
I'm really enjoying the nudes, and I hope there's more opportunity to explore the more erotic side. There was a blog on Tumblr I used to follow called masturbatorsanctum, I don't know if I'll I'll quite get to masturbation but I'm certainly considering it.

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 7th


Happy Birthday today October 7th

Happy 56th to author, media pundit and journalist Dan Savage!

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No better day, than Dan Savage's birthday, than feature a hot shot of his husband Terry Miller.

Larry Poindexter: Actors & SKIN

Although actor Larry Poindexter appeared in a few straight to video soft core movies, he showed little to nothing.  For me, one of his hottest nude scenes were the ones that I featured from Sorceress on the previous page (HERE:)  There were however two others, one of which I'd love to see in HD...

Larry in a 1987 Budweiser Ad

Toy Soldiers (1984)

When I first read Poindexter had a nude scene in Toy Soldiers, I was confused.  I remember vividly Sean Astin's brief butt baring, but I don't remember Larry, or any other actor, doing nude scenes in the film.

The reason was because Larry's Toy Soldiers was an early 1984 version that co-starred Tim Robbins before he made it big.  Larry has a brief mooning scene near the beginning of the film, but an even hotter scene in short shorts closer to the end.

Sunscreen anyone?

Hot Line (1994)

I had never heard of Hot Line, a short lived Showtime erotic anthology series from the mid nineties. I looked everywhere for the full episode, but thank to Scenes From Male Skin, I found Larry's scenes.  I would love to see this episode (Payback) in HD, but I don't think the series had a DVD release, although I did see a VHS version on e-bay.

As you can see there are some very hot scenes, including Poindexter being forced to shower and scrub at gunpoint....  If you want to see and download the full scene check out Scenes From Male Skin HERE:  The caps above are from SFMS and the caps below were from a site which featured Poindexter's co-star Alex Meneses.  Unfortunately, they did not include the shower scene...