Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 28th

A last look at Shawn by Marlen Boro.

Happy Birthday today July 28th to:

One of the hottest guys in the Australian rugby league, Nick Youngquest turns 28 today.

Check out more of today's birthday boys HERE:

R.I.P Christopher 'Chip' Mayer

We did not know him well, and we did not know him long but Christopher Mayer passed away this past Saturday at the young age of 57. Goodbye Vance Duke!

Just Because: Torchwood

I don't watch Torchwood but someone please tell me it is a good idea to start! I have loved John Barrowman since he jogged through Central Park in his shorts in the short lived series Central Park West. I have loved Dillon Casey since he flaunted his blatant sex appeal (and amazing posterior) on the Canadian hockey soap MVP. Now together they make one might hot couple! Check out more of Dillon on FH HERE:

Great Caps above from boycharts


Have you ever unfanned someone?

Like clicking 'unfriend' on facebook, as I get older I am finding it easier to remove an artist from the list of performers I once enjoyed. For the most part, it is not really something that is necessary to worry about. Most actors, singers that I love I remain a fan of always. Some, simply sort of slowly vanish off my radar and no action is really required.

Last year I decided I had to unfan Whoopi Goldberg. It was sort of a big deal to me as she had always been one of my favorite performers. Moved me in The Color Purple and entertained me so in many other projects. 'Jumpin Jack Flash' for years was my 'go to' movie. You know that movie you stick in to watch when your down, maybe bored or need a pick me up of some kind. I pretty much wore out my VHS copy before getting the DVD. I hope one day that I will be able to put it back on again. Maybe after Whoopi departs The View I might. Defanning Whoopi was not easy but after listening to her say some of the stupidest things (the tipping point was not her defence of Mel Gibson or Tracey Morgan but more the defending of convicted rapists who happen to be her friends) pushed me over the edge.

Defanning this particular actor in took quite a bit longer but was actually quite a bit easier. It was not one event or quote that did it but more a perceived slow change in his behavior that made defanning a simple choice.

I crushed over him as a teen, found him adorable and oh so talented. Loved his work on television, movies and especially on stage. His hosting, especially this past years Tony's was incredible, in fact his work on the Tony's this year should garner him a well deserved EMMY. It is not his talent that is in question, his talent in undeniable. I guess the unfanning comes down to a noticeable change in attitude.

Over the past few years I have found, not sure how exactly to describe it.... an arrogance maybe, condescending attitude... Maybe the easiest way to say it is that he seems to so obviously and blatantly let others know just how good he thinks he is. I notice often at award shows that when the camera is on him he is all smiles. When is he is unaware he is being captured he appears bored, even showing a bit disdain for what is going on around him.

Earlier this week while I was getting ready for work I caught a bit of his appearance on Regis and Kelly. His looks into the camera, years ago all smiles and excitement, have been replaced by looks of over confidence. Each time he said something remotely witty he looked right at the camera, the audience, smugly seeminly telling those watching he knows exactly how great he is.

Maybe this is just a stage, maybe it is just my perception...

Curious if others see anything like this. I do know this perception does not come from one appearance but dozens over the past several years. It began as as a hint but has distinctly grown more and more obvious with each passing appearance.

Salut to Shawn: The Gentlemen of Marlen Boro

Saturday Morning:

-Part 2-

Shawn by Marlen Boro

If you click on the The Gentlemen of Marlen Boro link at the right you will notice that Shawn has been the focus of the weekly feature for over the past month. This week we sadly have to say goodbye to Shawn who is making his final (at least for now) appearance. In part 2 of Saturday Morning, Shawn, in his tighty whities again shows why he has become so popular with fans of Marlen's work.