Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 4th

Matt by Steve Jerome
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Happy Birthday today June 4th

Happy 49th to actor Noah Wyle!

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Gray Eberley for Jon Magazine

Photographed by Chris Fucile Photography

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Nicholas Hoult: About A Boy

The Weatherman (2005)

Because art is typically visual, change is organically part of it's core.  Part of my fascination with images of the male form, is seeing the progress and change in artist's style and technique.  In addition, it's interesting to watch a model's progression, both with experience and over time.  This is especially true with actors, who become inadvertent models in the process of creating and promotion.

These elements of change, are part of the reason I love doing the feature Actors & Skin.  In part, it's about bringing together all, or at least most, of an actors revealing resume.  A bonus element however, is also seeing and enjoying an actor's body over time, both the positive elements, and the less desirable changes as well.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course, and we all see things differently.  There are some actors, who showed skin in their teens in twenties, whose bodies never look as fit and hot again.  There are other actors however, who seem to thrive as they get older, and whose bodies look at their peak, in their thirties, forties and beyond.

Actor Nicholas Hoult only turned 30 this year, but's he's been acting, and visually modeling, all of his three plus decades.  Hoult began acting at the age of 3, professionally at 7. The English actor became known to many at the age of 12, after appearing as Marcus in 2002's About A Boy.  Five years later, when Hoult was 18, he did his first nude scenes for the UK version of Skins.

Hoult has gone on to appear nude on television and in film close to half a dozen times, most recently in the 2020 series The Great.  Many of you have seen his beautiful butt walk from the show, but if you haven't, and want to check out more of Hoult's heinie, on PAGE 2 HERE:

Body Blush: Matt by Steve Jerome

'So sweet the blush of bashfulness, E'en pity scarce can wish it less!'
Lord Byron

When I was a kid, I had allergies to pretty much everything that grew outside. It was a particularly cruel nightmare in the spring.  While others welcomed the fragment aromas,  I knew I would soon be rouged in red.  It wasn't just my face, but every part of my body seemed to stand in line, waiting to take it it's turn when my skin was exposed.

Red is commonly viewed as the hue of love, passion and lust.  For some however, it's also the tint of trauma, of feelings of embarrassment, nervousness and shame.   Although there is nothing sensual about feelings of anxiety or shame, there can be an erotic excitement connected with feelings of embarrassment and vulnerability.

I generally don't enjoy seeing images of models posing nude who don't want to be there.  Models who are desperate for cash and look as if they're in torture, or heading to the electric chair.  That being said, elements of nervousness, especially with models posing naked for the first time, are a natural part of the process.  Sometimes... when utilized skillfully by the model or photographer, can be incredibly sexy.

I thankfully outgrew my allergies, and those seasonal bouts of blushing.   Given that model Matt Singer went on to a career in porn, I'm guessing he too either outgrew, or eventually accepted his moments of maroon.  It was however, Matt's body blushing in this shoot, that really drew me into this series of shots from San Diego based photographer Steve Jerome.

When I first saw the remnants of red on Matt's beautiful backside, I thought he must have been just sitting down, then maybe stood up for the pose.  I noticed however, the redness wasn't fixed solely just on Matt's ample ass.  The color flowed, much like the blood through his veins, to flush whichever part of Matt's body, Steven's camera moved over and focused on.

The shimmering cherry red blushed from both sets of cheeks, those on his face and on his butt.  It cascaded over his stomach, his back, his legs, almost every part of Matt's body that was vulnerable and exposed.  It didn't however, seem to impact Matt's eyes and his smile.  Although he may not have been able to completely wipe away the wash of wine, Matt also didn't let it inhibit him, and seemed to almost enjoy his red reveal.