Monday, March 12, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 13th

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Classic Playgirl: Pete Jazwinski, 1993

Pete Jazwinski
Back in the Saddle
Playgirl, September 1993
Photographed by Intensity Studio

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Fruits of his Labor: Shane by RMark Photography

'I'd say Roger helped me get more comfortable in my own skin than I have felt in quite some time.'

Some of you may remember Shane, whose images by rmark_photography I first featured last month on Valentines. (Change of Heart) Regular readers know FH is all about story, and I love the story of how Shane came to be in front of Rogers camera. Sometimes an photographers goal is create beauty through their skill and artistry. My favorite images however, are those when the photographer's goal is capture an existing beauty that they want celebrate and share.

Roger noticed Shane on Instagram where Shane had been posting selfies chronicling his profess with working work. At the time, Shane was posting selfies, and had never modeled or posed for a professional photograph. When the Savannah photographer initially reached out about a shoot, Shane had a lot of questions, but was curious ad intrigued at the idea and eventually agreed to a shoot. Roger drove down to Washington where Shane lives and rented a hotel room for the shoot.

'After Roger reached out to me and said he liked the progress I was showing with my fitness transformation and offered a photo shoot, I was quite interested in putting the fruits of my labor in an artistic medium, so I accepted. He was very encouraging, positive, innovative, and clever with his ideas and vision for the shoot and looks we put together. I'd say Roger helped me get more comfortable in my own skin than I have felt in quite some time.'

'Photographing in a hotel room has a lot of challenges, but we used a variety of lighting, and backgrounds. We also tried to have some variety to Shane's look by shooting images with Shane's full beard, and also trimming it down to a scruff. Shane look very different from one photograph to the next, going from serious to playful. Shane was great to work with and I hope that I get to work with him again.'

Prime Time Supporters: Andy Favreau

Last week, I featured actor Geovanni Gopradi (HERE:) who I noticed during his guest appearance on Will & Grace. Geovanni was a part of the B story with Karen and Will, but there was another actor that I noticed in the A story which provided the episode it's title. .

Three Wise Men refers to three generations of men with the last name Wise, all of who slept with Grace. The grandfather was played by the talented Barry Bostwick, the father by the adorable Matt Letscher. The son, whose beautiful face and body you see here, was played by actor Andy Favreau.

Will & Grace

Favreau, younger brother of Jon was a stand out in the episode and I knew I had seen him before. It may have been due to his various TV appearances, including a stint on Animal Kingdom, a show I like, but am still struggling to stick to. It may also be his turn in the new Mindy Kaling series Champions. I love Mindy's writing, as well as actor Anders Holm. (who has a great nude scene that I featured HERE:) I have not seen any of Champions yet, but have it on DVR to check out when time allows.

Will & Grace has been hit and miss for me, but has been getting better as the season moves on. It's also had some really great guest stars this season. (and I don't mean JLo). Last week's episode featured Will in scenes with two teens, Ilana and Brianna in some truly laugh out loud scenes. The two actress's who played the two teens should be on every week, or be given their own show.

With Anders Holm in Champions

The Mick (2017)

Animal Kingdom (2017)