Friday, November 14, 2008

Favorite Pic Of The Day for November 14th

What a perfect pic of Nathan, (nicknamed Natedoggy dog). Check out his Myspace!

Favorite Birthdays for today, November 14th

Today's favorite birthday has to be Josh Duhamel, who was also last years favorite. Josh turns 36 today.

Also celebrating today November 14th

I love actor Russell Tovey from England. Russell turns 27 today.

Actor Chris Demetral turns 32 today.

Actor Patrick Warburton turns 44 today.

So Long Charlie

For some reason the friendship between Charlie and Marcus gets everyone talking. I enjoyed watching them together, but really, I personally have tons of straight friends, I would say most are. I saw nothing especially remarkable about it, but I did see something very enjoyable about it, and their friendship, and who Charlie and Marcus were as people, was the reason Survivor was so enjoyable this season to me.

Besides their friendship, they were really 2 of the nicest and most decent people in the bunch. Although I sort of like Sugar, none of the rest of them hold any qualities which will make me watch anymore of the season except maybe the reunion at the end. Hated to see Charlie Herschel booted last night, what a great guy, what a great role model. Not only cute as hell, but smart and physically able to match most of the other men on the show. He did great at challenges and even though it is a cuthroat game, maintained a level of respect for those around him more than many who are after the million bucks. You will be missed, you brighted up the show this season each time you hit the air.

Just Because: Daniel Craig

Just because, I always have to pause and watch the tv promo's for 'Quantum of Solace'. The split second of Daniel Craig shirtless is enough to make the promo worth watching over and over.

Favorite New Intern on ER: Julian Morris

I used to love Thursday nights with ER. Although I never completely stopped watching, the last 3 or 4 years it went off my 'must watch' list. I decided since this was the last season to start watching again this season. I certainly am glad I did. Last nights episode with Anthony Edwards (not to mention brief returns from Paul McCrane, Laura Innes and Abraham Benrubi) was a great hour of TV. Although the Emmy voters seem to have left the show as well, I hope they took notice of last nights show, especially the amazing performance of Angela Bassett.

Another reason I have enjoyed the season thus far is new intern Andrew Wade, played by cutie Julian Morris. It was not until last night that it clicked for me that this was they guy I loved in 'Cry_Wolf'. After this, and of course the internet movie data base, I realized I also enjoyed Julian in 'Whirlygirl' as well as have seen some clips from 'Donkey Punch', which I really must try to find. Julian is a great looking guy, but as well, a very good actor with a long bright future I am sure. Julian has a few upcoming movies, including 'Valkyrie' with Tom Cruise. His character on ER, in fact all the new interns are well written, and it is shame we have such a short time with them.

Julian in 'Whirlygirl'

Julian in 'Donkey Punch'

Caps from 'Donkey Punch' via Casperfan, thank you!

Favorite Reality Hunk of the Day: Frankie Godoy

I never watched 'Make Me A Supermodel' season 1 when it first aired. But, I did see quite a few message board posts and was taken with some of the pics and compitions. I am half way through the show now and must admit I lust after Frankie Godoy. There are quite a few interesting guys on the show, but there is something about Frankie, his great bone structure, chin and face, hair, body and openess I find very refreshing. Frankie has been modeling since the show ended, and hope to see more of him in the future.

Frankie in 'Make Me A Supermodel'