Saturday, May 6, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 7th

Darryn by Lights On Studio
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Room With A View

Hail to the King!!!

When I was a kid I was really into the royals. Well.. maybe more accurately, my mother was.  She was s big follower of Princess Diana and especially of the queen.  I was fortunate to have been a part of several performances for the royal family during their frequent visits to North America.  Twice singing in a choir and once playing in a band during their royal tours.

My fascination, like many, has waned over the last four or five years.  Even my love/lust for Prince Harry isn't what it was.  Although I'm still an admirer,  and love he and Megan together, I've been confused about his desire to distance himself, yet still profit from his role.  I don't blame him, I just don't get some of his decisions.

Unlike many however, I do sort of like ole Charles.  He's an odd duck for sure, and I hated him during most of his time with Diana. For me though, he seems like someone stuck in a place he never really wanted to be in to begin with.  He begrudgingly goes through the paces and a little like Harry, he can never really pull it off as smoothly as others in the family.  Elizabeth and even William seem to have had an easier time keeping on their game faces 24/7 but for Charles and Harry, it just won't stay on.

With today's coronation however, it's important to put Charles in his place and remind FH viewers that around here, there is only one King and that's Simon.  I've been fortunate to uncover the crown jewels of model Simon King for over 10 years now with images from some of my favorite photographers.  Check out some of King's appearances below, without the hassle of the crowds, the rain and the long church service.  No church clothes for this King, just the beautiful suit he was born in.

King by Andrew Bowman

Blossoming by Andrew Bowman

King by Suntown Photography

The Secluded Garden by Suntown Photographey

King by Male beauty by bengie

The Return of the King / Tea Party

FH Flashback: Robert Urich in Endangered Species

I've featured actor Robert Urich in my Blast from the Past posts before, but there are certain actors that require revisiting from time to time.  I was a little too young to remember Urich in during his time on Vegas in the 70's and 80's but I certainly remember his images in TV and celebrity magazines when I was growing up.

I did manage to catch the actor in guest spots on television shows in the 1990's and thanks to YouTube, have caught some of his earlier appearances including his speedo sporting days on The Battle of the Network Stars.  I'm not sure there's any actor that defines the term 'hunk' quite as snuggly as Urich.  Beautiful and beefy, a handsome face and dazzling smile, sadly taken from the world just over 21 years ago at the age of 55. 

I don't know for sure, but from some of the images and scenes that I've seen, and from a few brief interviews, it appears Urich embraced his role as a television 'hunk.'  Not sure any actor sets out for that title, but it served the actor well, keeping him employed, busy and immensely popular during his time in the lime-light. 

Although Urich had countless shirtless scenes, his only nudity occurred in the 1982 thriller Endangered Species.   I'd have loved to have seen a full on butt shot, which I'm sure was filmed, but left on the cutting room floor.  Still, I'm grateful for the little side view of the actors great body and beefy butt from the film.

Endangered Species

'A retired New York cop on Vacation in America's West, is drawn into a female sheriff's investigation of a mysterious series of cattle killings.'

Tom Nakielski: Lights On An Outside Studio


'It was a cold and rainy day and not the best conditions to be running around naked in an old and run down abandoned building.'

When thinking of the work of photographer Tom Nakielski, we don't worry about things like the temperature and the weather.  That's because most of the shoots of Tom's I've featured, were shot in his Michigan studio.  Given his official credit is Lights On Studio, that's not really a surprise.  What was however, at least to me, was how many incredible location shoots Tom has done over the years.


I was also a little surprised, when going through some past posts, how many of those outside location shoots I've had the pleasure to feature.  In addition to many shoots in his friends old Victorian and Bed and Breakfast, I've also featured Tom's work with Hansel in an old church and in a hay field, Michael Moody out in the snow, Nas at a Museum and Tony Gee in an old abandoned school house.


Tom loves carefully planning for every detail of his shoots, something more challenging when shooting outside the confines of the studio.  In studio, Tom is able to ensure every inch seen in frame is exactly how he wants it, from the colors, to the specific flowers and props he uses.

Although he has less control when shooting on location, Tom loves the both the challenge, and the additional creative components not possible in a studio setting.  Tom always wanted to a shoot in a field of hay something that would have been impossible inside the studio.  Thanks to the farms at Michigan State University however,  Hansel and the hay bails came to life! 

Tom sent along this series of images when he was last recuperating from a health issue.  I was going through them this week, after learning Tom is again back in rehab working on his mobility.  I'm hoping for a speedy recovery as we have some exciting plans for some upcoming shoots!  In the meantime, you can see more of my favorite shots, this time, from inside the studio, on the NEXT PAGE HERE:


'Hansel is not inhibited and is comfortable doing nude on location shots. These were shot in an abandoned church in Detroit. Love the beauty of the church even in its decaying state. Even in it such a state of ruin you can sense the grandeur that it once was.'


'I was to meet Tony at an abandoned church in Detroit. When I got there it was boarded up. Luckily we found that the abandoned school next door did have access and offered many interesting areas to shoot in. Abandoned buildings offer some very interesting scenes and a statement about urban decay.'

Rick & Terry

'These location sessions always have a feeling of danger and daring. The chance of an intruder coming always keeps the adrenaline pumping.'