Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 12th

Much Ado About Nothing

There is so much being written on the net about the current issues with two of Fratmen's guys. I will only say I am sickened by the fact these two guys have to go through this crap. Is the issue they what they did, or that they did it for a gay site? Either way, I am sure things are tough on them right now and I hope this passes quickly as it is a non story, a non issue only of note because of the anti gay and morally confused state of the US. I am a Christian and I try to be a moral human being, leading my life in a caring manner without cruelty. Morals are about how you treat your fellow man and your planet, not if you posed nude somewhere. When will the US move beyond this and keep up with many in the rest of the world.

Favorite Birthday Boy for August 12th Andrei Andrei

The above two images are two of the hottest pics on the net. They have been posted on countless sites, blogs and groups and I am sure have satisfied the fantasy's of many. How wonderful to do a bit of research and find they are the beautiful model from Romania, Andrei Andrei. Andrei who turns 25 today is a fascinating guy who besides traveling the world for modeling assignments has also been studying computer technology with a goal to work in that field upon graduation. It was fun reading Andrei's blog (see link below) and find such a warm, funloving guy. (I have seen his birthday listed as both the 11th and 12th of August, so hope I guessed right, either way Happy Birthday Andrei!)

Andrei's offical site HERE:
Andrei's blog found HERE:

Also celebrating today August 12th

People certainly get busy in August, this has been a busy Birthday month!
Also celebrating today August 12th

Model and singer Justin Gaston turns 20 today.

The beautifu actor Martin Goeres turns 24 today. Besides an actor, Martin is also a stuntman who worked on Speedracer and V for Vendetta.

Rugby's Gregory Mahe turns 27 today.

Actor Steve Talley turns 27 today.

Jesper Grønkjær, the adorable Danish professional football player turns 31 today.

Actor Casey Affleck turns 33 today.

Pete Sampras turns 37 today.

Hailing from Poland, actor Krzysztof Zawadzki turns 38 today.

Six Feet Under was one of my all time favorite shows. It had one of the best ensemble casts in the history of television. Brian Krause was a big part of the enjoyment of this great show to me. Peter turns 43 today.

Actor Bruce Greenwood turns 52 today. (See previous post on Bruce).

Actor Sam J. Jones turns 54 today. (See previous post on Sam).