Saturday, August 19, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 20th

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Seasonal Sightings:

Say Aah...

'An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if the doctor is cute, forget the fruit.'

Given the themes of cmnm and cfnm I've been exploring this summer, it was inevitable, we ended up in the doctor office.  We're often at our most vulnerable at the doctor's, both physically and emotionally.  Most of us, even those with a good doctor, avoid going unless we have to.

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The Frat Boy Fan Dance

I can't stop the feelin' 
So just dance, dance, dance

Every few years, we're all subjected to another dance craze.  The Macarena, Gangnam Style, The Harlem Shake and the rebirth of line dancing thanks to Billy Ray's Achy Breaky Heart.  A few years ago, another dance became popular, at least on-line, and this one a little hotter and the first one, I hoped didn't quickly disappear.

Some of you may remember the fan dance.  A group of guys, usually totally naked, to a tease turn, with just a fan to cover their junk.  The dance is believed to have started with the Japanese musician and provocateur DJ Ozma.  Ozma famously earned a lifetime ban from national broadcaster NHK after his first appearance featured dancers in skin-colored leotards painted to look like naked bodies. His 2008 song Drinkin' Boys featured a group of naked male dancers using strategically placed fans.

For a little while, the Internet was full of frat boys pulling down their Calvin's, and picking up their fans, and doing the fan dance at parties and charity events.  This one, full of college cuties is one of my favorites.  It's also fitting my summer theme, with  a bit of a cmnm twist, given most of the few spectators shown are male. 

Solid Landing: Curran by Lights On Studio

'We got to the home and Curran was ready to get naked before I was even ready to shoot.'

I know FH readers enjoy the work of Tom Nakielski from Lights On Studio, the views and stats tell me that.   Tom's work is a favorite of mine.  His careful planning, creativity and technique always lead to stunning visuals, especially with his collaborations with models who put as much into the process as Tom does.

With Tom's current health issues putting new shoots on hold, he graciously agreed, after my continued pleading, to go through his archives to find images from shoots we haven't yet featured on the site.  I sent Tom a LONG list of my favorite shoots and models and at the top of that list was the beautiful Curran

I'm sure many recognize Curran and have seen his work before.  Curran's been modeling for over 10 years and has work with many of my favorite photographers.  Although I've featured images of Curran previously on FH, they were mostly in compilation posts, and never on his own.  It was long overdue for Curran to step into center stage. 

Tom first spotted Curran on Model Mayhem and really love his look and portfolio.   Curran gave Tom a date of when he'd be in town, but Tom had already scheduled a shoot for that day with another model.  The shoot was set to take place at Tom's friends historic home and instead of missing the opportunity to work with Curran, he thought it would be a great opportunity to do individual shoots with both models, and then bring them together for a couples shoot. 

'Both models were eager for the session. No specific shots were planned, but I knew the house had many locations and opportunities for interesting photos.

Curran has such a beautifully unique look.  His body, his face, his eyes powerfully draw the viewer in.  There also something almost astral about his aura and exudes such an powerfully sensual aura in almost every images of him that I've seen.  

Tom sent along many set ups from their day together, but one of my favorites are this series with Curran posing on the landing near the bottom of the homes beautiful L-shaped staircase.  Whether you're heading  up to the top, or making your way down to the bottom, coming upon the naked Curran would most definitely have you skipping a few steps.

Someone actually did run into Curran on the landing, the other model Tom had scheduled to work with that day.  After Tom had finished shooting Curran on his own, the couple shoot began.  Before too long, it began to get a quite steamy.... Most of you have seen the mystery man on FH before, check out the results of the couples shoot on the NEXT PAGE HERE: