Monday, June 22, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 23rd

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Bubba Wallace: Display of Solidarity

'Just before today’s race, the entire field of NASCAR teams helped push racer Bubba Wallace’s No. 43 car through pit lane today in a display of solidarity after a noose was found in the Black driver’s garage last night.'

Today's display of solidarity  by NASCAR was a welcome sign.  There have been many signs things might be heading in more positive direction, but after the last Presidential election, it's understandable people are still hesitant to get too hopeful., yet....

I really know nothing a bout NASCAR, I've never watched, and honestly never had any interest in doing so.  I have however, like so many others, been in awe of Bubba Wallace, his strength, his determination and his desire for change.  Of course this is FH, so I had to go on the hunt to see if I could find more of Bubba, and maybe get a peak at what's under his racing suit.  Bubba's chest hair is a objet d'art.

Just Because: Farley Granger

'I lost my virginity twice in one night.'

Every time TCM plays an old Farley Granger movie, I go on the hunt for more info and images of the actor.  Last week, TCM played 1948's They Live By Night, and I DVR'd and watched. Although Granger does have a brief shirtless scene in the flick, my favorite Granger films are Rope and Strangers on a Train.  Seeing Granger on TCM also always has me wanting to head to Amazon and order his autobiography, something this time, maybe I'll finally do...

'Granger describes a Honolulu night that epitomized his life. A 21-year-old virgin and wartime Navy recruit, he was determined to change his status. He did so with a young and lovely prostitute. He was about to leave the premises when he encountered a handsome Navy officer. Granger was soon in bed again.'

Beaches & Beefcake

The Live By Night (1948)

BakerModel: Sensuality & Structure

Walking into Summer like...

With his incredible physique and his elegant and powerful poses, Yoni Baker is a perfect embodiment of all we dream about and imagine when contemplating the perfect example and specimen of a Classic Greek God. Yoni not only possess the strength and athleticism, but also the spirit. There is timeless quality about Yoni, most notable in his eyes, that make's it easy to imagine that he just stepped out of History or Greek Mythology text book.

Since first discovering Yoni's work with YogaBear Studio (first 3 shots above) back in 2015,  I have featured his work over half a dozen times, with several different photographers and in a variety of incredible locations. Yoni also documented his experiences with nude life modeling for a piece on the site.   Yoni has a brand  new website, highlight some of his favorite images and shoots, and has selected many of his favorite captures to showcase and make available as prints. Check out more HERE:

BakerModel on FH:

Last two shots from Cooks Photography

Classic Playgirl: Peter's Story

Ernie Langeberg (1974)

FH readers know that I love looking back at many men who appeared in the pages of Playgirl. I put the word out years ago that I was interested in interviewing and featuring men who appeared in the magazine, and have featured several over the years.  Recently I heard from a man named Peter who modeled for the magazine in it's first decade.  Peter had certainly not intended to take it all off for a magazine spread, but a certain University Psychology class assignment ended up turning into an offer to be in the magazine.

Peter didn't initially write me with the intention of sharing his story, or his images on the site. He reached out after Googling and searching for other Playgirl  models from the 1970's that he'd met and connected with back in the day. His search led him to an old piece on FH. It was a Playgirl focused piece in which I was looking for Playgirl models to interview.  After a little bit of arm twisting, Peter eventually supported my sharing his story.

I thought it was a interesting entry way into nude modeling, unique in that it that it stemmed from a University class discussion on the male nude in popular culture. The images I am including are sadly not of Peter but of four other models from around the time Peter posed during the magazine's early years.  Peter's current job position is one in where it probably best that his nude modeling days remain, as much as the Internet will allow, in the distant past.  The words however, in the remainder of this post were written by Peter.

Peter's Story

Many years back when Playgirl was not very old it became the subject of one of my classes while working on my Masters or PHD.  The subject turned to why the magazine was having a hard time starting up and building an audience. Two reasons were sighted by the class.

Tom Issacson (1977)

Women were not used to viewing naked men back then and were often embarrassed to talk about men's genitalia. Interestingly enough, seeing men in speedos was very common in those days. The curiosity was there, but to actually go to a store where someone may see them was out of the question.  The females in the class admitted that when they did get a copy it was from an all night market in the middle of the night. Another said the reason woman want the lights out during sex is because “that thing is ugly” so why buy pictures of it...

Second reason, the times. Girls were brought up with the idea that sex was done by married people - not single girls. There should be no discussion of anything to do with sex except behind closed doors. Since the newly exposed penis had to do with sex, it couldn’t be good to read the magazine.

As Women’s Lib took hold and females were now allowed to have more of an opinion and voice it, sex was coming out of the closet and they became more comfortable with looking at and discussing naked men. Our class concluded that the problem they had getting it off the ground was not the subject matter as much as the stigma that went with being a woman seen holding or buying it.

Greg Hamilton (1976)

The only real negative thing I really remember is the problems it created for the straight males. When women looked at pics of naked men that were definitely larger than average. Regular guys started feeling insecure and self conscious about their size.

You’d be surprised now to know how much discussion went into that magazine with psychology students.  The professor put a challenge to the guys in the class to audition and relay the experience.  They wanted an actual model to come to our class to discuss how he felt being “a piece of meat”.  I volunteered.

It was a very different experience and led my appearing in the magazine.  Playgirl heard about the class experiment and actually invited two of us to appear in the magazine. My girlfriend was mortified and broke up with me. The magazine followed suit with Hefner’s idea and had a “Playgirl” club? It was in Garden Grove CA (about 8 miles from Disneyland) and did pretty good until the novelty wore off.

I have been trying to locate friends from those days that I remember went to the Playgirl Club, but no success so far. I do remember doubling with another couple and the girls wanting to go. Being the curious and a then member of the Playboy Club, I was open to it. The other guy was dead set against it so never went.

David White (1976)

My ex packed  away the issue with my images so that our son wouldn’t find them and wonder why Daddy was in all his glory in a magazine. After our break up, when my son was in teens, I told him and showed him the shots. Turns out he wasn’t too surprised since he had seen a pic of me on stage at my friends house. It surprised him the Playgirl spread took place while I was still in college and the dancing years later.


PS Since the subject had come up I dug out a g-string and put it on again. If only the body was the same as when I first wore it!!