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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 26th

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Happy Birthday today September 26th

Happy 34th to Jessie Pavelka!

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The Bottom Line:

Bottom of the Ninth

His Mind is the Ultimate Weapon

I've been meaning to post about actor Lucas Till for awhile now. I have saved a few images, but regretfully, have yet to see any of his movies. I have DVR'd Wolves, but have not gotten to it, yet... I was still interested in Till though due to his beautiful face, sexy jaw and a few Youtube videos that show off his fun and sexy personality.

I did though, watch MacGyver this afternoon, and it was pretty fast paced and enjoyable. I only saw a handful of episodes of the original, but loved me some Richard Dean Anderson. (when's the cameo?) Till is an engaging actor, and especially fun to watch in motion. MacGyver's mind might be his ultimate weapon, but with, it's Till's face and hair fascinate Till can sport so many different looks and seems to change just a little bit in almost every scene he's in. Not sure I'm going to be sitting at home on Friday's to watch, but I will be setting the DVR.

Till and co-star George Eads

Till in MacGyver

Keen Eye For Detail: Ricky Chase by Finexposure

'The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.'

Ricky Chase says that in addition to his passion for fitness, one of the reasons he enjoys modeling is his keen eye for detail. When I saw the 24 year old London model's work with photographer Allen Beauvisage, it was precisely those details that had me reaching out to Allen, (Finexposure) about featuring their work together.

Each time I featured Allen's work, it is those details that always stand out to me. Allen shoots such magnificent, yet specific poses. Each designed to best accentuate the beauty and strength of the male form. Allen also skillfully uses light and shadow to ensure skin and skin tone and every part of the model he is shooting is shown at it's best.

With model artist and model having a focus on detail it is not surprising there were so many stand out images from the shoot together.  I love how they used fashion and pose, not to mention Ricky's personality to create a sexy array of creative, fun and unique images.  I love how Ricky wears, and un-wears the clothing and accessorises used. My favorite image is the second to last in this piece. Although Ricky looks amazing wearing nothing at all, adding the leather strap adds an incredibly hot touch to the shot.

To keep every inch and detail of his body in shape, Ricky tries to vary his workouts at the gym with a focus on flattening and toning his already pretty perfect stomach. In addition to working his abs, Ricky uses weights, moving from medium to heavy to keep his form in top shape, even on days he can't make it to the gym. Ricky also tries to eat healthy, cutting out wheat as much as he can and finds preparing for an upcoming shoot, great motivation to keep in great shape.

'Allen put me at ease straight away, we then spoke about what shots we were both aiming to create. I had recently bought some new garments and wanted to really capture the contrast through colour and lighting, but at the same time,showcase my physique and add some style to my portfolio. Open to many different ideas, Allen conveyed clearly what he was looking for and directed me from there. He really knew what he wanted and what looked good in the various positions and poses he had me hold. Capturing the shot was hard though as I really like to be expressive and have my own ideas of what looks good, but through patience, and his guidance, we were able to move forward at a good pace, experimenting with light and shadow.'