Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 6th

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Happy Birthday today December 6th

Happy 64th to actor Kin Shriner

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Seasonal Sightings

Scott DeMarco's making a list, and we're checking it twice

12 Days: Paul Greene, The Cary Grant of Hallmark

'With six movies for the Hallmark Channel to his credit (and a regular role on the network’s series When Calls the Heart), the charismatic Canadian considers himself a lucky man. All of this happened in just a few years, giving Greene a reputation as the network’s resident Cary Grant.'

Every December, one of my favorite parts of working on FH is 12 Days. I have discovered many great actors, and many hot men, while checking out festive films in the lead up to Christmas. I haven't seen any Christmas movies yet this year, until this past weekend. While visiting family over the weekend, the Hallmark movie 'Christmas in Angel Falls' was playing quietly (loudly) in the background. I was attempting to have a conversation with my younger brother, but as most of us have experienced while visiting family, loud TV is common in many of our parents homes.

Of course I only watched a few minutes, I did notice a certain hottie I wanted to learn more about. Although my taste in holiday movies has changed over the last few years, I am mostly drawn to older holiday flicks, that didn't stop me from DVRing a repeat airing of the movie when I got back home. That certain hottie was actor Paul Greene, an actor I should have, but hadn't seen before.

In addition to his work on Hallmark, Greene has been in many TV shows in movies, including the show Bitten, I have had on my list to watch for awhile. Seeing a few of his nude scenes from the show, it will now move up the queue. Greene was also fun to research as his social media pages, especially his facebook, are full of hot shots of Greene, hanging out relaxing, and working out to maintain a body ready for his shirtless close-ups. 'Christmas in Angel Falls' was ok, usual Hallmark fare, a small town, an Angel and of course romance. Not really that memorable, except of course, as my introduction to Mr. Greene.

Burning up at Burning Man

Burning hot during yoga

Massaging Stephen Dorff in Somewhere (2010)

Bitten (2014)

Side of the Road: Ash Marquez by Mark Leighton

'I first shot Ash Marquez in June 2015. He had just started modeling and although by no means shy, he vastly underestimated his looks and the impact his images could have on people.'

Mark's images of 23 year old model Ash Marquez certainly had an impact on me. From the first moment I saw their work together, I was eager to put together a feature for FH. I am clearly not alone, as Ash is one of the sites's most searched models. The blue eyed blonde UK model has a tight athletic build and seemly boundless energy that leaps off the pages of The Journey, Mark's photo book devoted to his work with Ash.

When I profiled Mark's book earlier this year, I of course had to put in a great deal of time and research to showcase some of my favorite images. Two of my favorite sections in The Journey feature Ash on an isolated country road. In one section he is just wearing only a pair of jeans, which of course come off, leaving Ash on the road wearing nothing at all.

I especially loved this set, with Ash in his ripped jeans shorts, alone with his knapsack. Ash looks like a student traveling, lowering his jean shorts, maybe to help ensure he gets a ride. When I told Mark I liked the shots from this set, he kindly edited more from the series for me to feature.

I love the story that Mark begins, a story with an ending, left to the viewers imagination. Why is Ash on that road wearing next to nothing? Where is he going and does he ever end up there. Does he get picked up, and if so, by who? Or...maybe Ash isn't looking for a ride, maybe he already had one and the images are just after he was dropped off... You can see more (all) of Mark's stories about Ash in The Journey HERE: