Sunday, September 14, 2008

Favorite Pic of The Day for September 14th

Favorite Birthday Boy #1 for September 14th Ben Cohen

Hot, Sexy, Furry, wonderful Rugby player Ben Cohen turns 30 today.

Not sure if this last shot is really Ben, it is credited to him on a couple of sites, but does not seem to me to be him. Anyone know any more?

Favorite Birthday Boy #2 for September 14th Morten Harket

Anyone else ever have the a-ha hattrick fantasy? What an beautiful looking trio. Lead singer Morten Harket turns 49 today.

Also Celebrating today September 14th

Also celebrating today September 14th

Actor A.J. Trauth turns 22 today.

Hottie Hiroki Narimiya turns 26 today.

Actor Patrick Garcia turns 27 today.

Tennis hottie Agustin Calleri turns 32 today.

Ryan Sutter turns 34 today.

I Love Andrew Lincoln, so adorable. Andrew turns 35 today.

Actor Dan Cortese turns 41 today.

Faith Ford turns 44 today.

Actor Anthony Addabbo turns 48 today.

She done it! Mary Crosby turns 49 today.

Actor Sam Neill turns 61 today.