Thursday, July 19, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 20th

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Thumbs Down: The Glee Project

Following last week's decision to boot Charlie, the most interesting (and talented) guy, this week, Ryan Murphy gave the boot to the most interesting girl. Yeah, maybe not the biggest voice and personality, there was some special about Nellie. I thought Nellie was a shoe in for first or second but the judges thought otherwise. Michael is adorable, but not exactly compelling. Nellie was far more worthy of moving on.

Taking Hold: Aaron James Hooper

'It was totally the universe taking hold and making my life real.'

For most things that people start, 17 would be considered a young age to begin. Dance however, like most sports or activities that require intense physical dedication and passion, is usually something that most begin earlier. Except for the occasional show his grandparents took him to, before he turned 17, dancer, actor and model Aaron J. Hooper had no connection to the arts. Aaron was a sports guy, baseball and football filled his spare time until a serious injury changed it all.

Above: Images of Aaron by John Hooper

Upon performing his first tendu in a beginning ballet class at The Studio + in Roswell, NM, Aaron knew that dance is where his heart and soul needed to be. Since his late start, Aaron has committed most of his waking hours to his passion for dance. He has danced and worked industry professionals through his stay at UNM and in NYC, LA, and DC. Aaron graduated from the University of New Mexico with honors and, shortly thereafter, moved to NYC to pursue a career in dance. Aaron plans to dance professionally and one day start his own contemporary dance company.

Above: Aaron by Max Woltman. (See more of Aaron's work with Max below.)

This past year, Aaron's passion for dance was channelled into Phalanx, his senior thesis project about political genocide. Aaron played with ideas of prejudice, anger, hate and fear throughout the world. Aaron says that the process was his exploration of every idea (within the realm of theatre and dance) that he hopes to be able to play with for the rest of his life.

Above: Preview of the documentary of the show and process was created by Cassidy Allen Knight

'I used 150 gallons of water on stage, 2 tons of dirt on stage, set pieces, props, dance and theatrical elements, and excerpts of film throughout the show. The process kept me up for many nights as well as writing my thesis paper to accompany the work itself.'

2 images below by Claire Gutierrez Photography

Dancers generally have a heightened connection between mind and body and Aaron has an amazing ability to draw you in with the strength of his images. His incredible body, and facial structure light up in front of the camera and Aaron morphs into different characters and looks in each of his shoots. It was just one image, I initially scrolled by, then had to go back to, tagged on facebook. that took hold and had me wanting to find out more! As a model, Aaron goes beyond standing still and posing and creates beautiful moments of movement.

Hold: Aaron James Hooper by Max Woltman

'Everything I do within the arts, whether it be film, modeling, or dancing, I analyze from a perspective of the creative source. What is created through me is made possible by a collective thought and energy within the universe and guided through me--I am merely a vessel.'
Aaron J. Hooper

Aaron's favorite and most trusted photographer is Albuquerque's Max Woltman. Aaron especially loves shoots in which he can use his body and skills as a dancer to create images which focus on the translation of movement into still shots.

'The coinage of the phrase "I am moved by that..." was created because a physical action can cause an emotional reaction. It is in this reaction that "still-movement" is created. This is not to say that the model has no part in the experience! It is the work of the model to be open and receptive to the vision of the photographer whilst being open and receptive to their own body and mind--if both partners in this game of photographic chess play correctly, a work of beauty is simple to achieve.'
Aaron J. Hooper

'Obviously I love the end product of Max's work; however, it is his work ethic and style of photography that I enjoy the most. Max is a true professional, knows the field, knows "good work", and is constantly striving to be better. One of my favorite things about Max is that it almost seems like he feels not good enough--he must know he is incredible because everyone tells him so. He is always trying "new" things and preludes everything with "this may not work, but we will try it"...I am sure he knows deep down that it will be amazing, but it is this sense of uneasiness that makes his work incredible and constantly growing.'

'In this uneasiness, however, he is very direct. He knows what he wants and is unafraid to speak such. He works with incredible models often and is able to converse with them on a professional level that doesn't feel overbearing, but is extremely direct so that his ideas don't get clouded. (Another aside) Within this, however, he allows the model to do their job and enjoys seeing individual interpretation to different situations.'
Aaron J. Hooper

'Aaron brings a fierce energy, determination, and open mind and heart to whatever he does. And he does not shy away from expressiveness. He is sensual, bold, and beautiful!'
Max Woltman

I have been following Max Woltman's work for over a year now and I am really pleased to be able to share his work with Aaron. You can see more of Max's work on ModelMayhem HERE: and if you want to contact Aaron, check out his facebook page HERE: and on ModelMayhem HERE:

'Nudity to me is like lemonade...if you are A) 6 years old and don't care what your lemonade tastes like or B) older and have a young, playful mind that allows you to overlook the flaws of your lemonade then you will be comfortable sharing it with people. I also did the nude still modeling for the art classes at my school...I love being naked because I feel a pure judgement from the audience that allows me to be comfortable with myself:)'
Aaron J. Hooper

Favorite DALLAS Walk: Josh Henderson

I have written before of my affinity for DALLAS. It was the one show when I was a kid in the eighties my parents sat down and watched together. I tuned into the new TNT version to see some familiar old friends, but ended up being most captivated by Josh Henderson. I remember seeing Henderson in a few things before, but never did I see him as electric as he is as John Ross Ewing. Henderson exudes a raw combination of sleazy and sex and although sometimes I wish he would finish his morning shave, it somehow works for his characters appeal. Henderson is especially welcome when he comes on screen as so many of his cast mates (Metcaffe especially) are not exactly master thespians...

In keeping with the theme of capturing movement from the post on Aaron above, I could not quite find an image to capture the hotness of Henderson's walk, so a video from last nights episode will have to do. In the scene, John Ross finds out cousin Lucy is not on his side and was great to see lusty Lucy back and hope the producers write her in as a regular next season. I am not sure I am totally sold on the new version, but Henderson is certainly doing a good job of getting me there.

Above: Henderson with Dallas stars Charlene Tilton & Patrick Duffy