Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thumbs Down....

I am not jumping on a bandwagon.

The first time I saw Charlie Sheen was in the 1986 film Lucas. This was also the only time I actually enjoyed a performance by him. Although I admire the work of his father and brother he always turned me off, even in shows I liked (like his role on Friends).

I have written before how much I despise 'Two And A Half Men.' It is not that the show is so bad really. I do however loath that CBS plugs this garbage as a 'family show' and that American stupidly listened and made it such a hit. It is on all times of the day and even if one finds it funny (which I do not) it is beyond warped to be targeted at children. Sheen's recent quotes about the show and those who run it prove what a knob he truly is. (full story). 'I’ll go make movies with superstars'. Personally I highly doubt this will happen. If the man survives, his future looks pretty much tabloid and reality filled.