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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 11th

Graham by msbimages
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Happy Birthday today December 11th

Happy 45th to actor and singer Wayne Wilcox

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Wayne by Tate Photo

As many great performances actor Wayne Wilcox has given on stage and on screen, I'll always remember my introduction.  Anyone else remember Marty, the naked on the floor that Roy came upon on Gilmore Girls?


It's not difficult to understand how this TikTokerwent from working as an engineer, to becoming a male model overnight.  Check out some of my favorite shots of blond hottie on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Rafael de la Fuente in Letters To Santa

During the holidays, young siblings utilize a magical pen that grants wishes to bring their estranged parents back together.

I really enjoyed Hallmark's Letters To Santa.  It wasn't that the writing was so great, it wasn't, it was ok, the usual standard Hallmark fare. The story did have a bit of a twist however, as the love story involved a divorced couple, something you don't see in every Hallmark movie.  Although divorce is very common, in Hallmark movies, it's much more common to have had your spouse killed, than to have divorced them.

The film also had actress Laura CerĂ³n who I enjoyed as nurse Chuny on ER.  It was nice to see Laura in a supporting role, and just not brief flashes of her flirting, and passing scalpels to doctors.  The film also starred the stunning Rafael de la Fuente who gave the movies' puppy a run in the adorable department. I addition to his beautiful face and eyes, Rafael truly  has one of the best heads of hair in Hollywood.  I found myself mesmerized by how perfect it consistently fell into place. 

I was first introduced to the Venezuelan hottie when he appeared in the first two seasons of Empire.  Like so many, I loved the first season of the show, but stopped watching entirely after the first few episodes of season 2.  The magic was just sucked out of the show in it's second season, and I also didn't like how Rafael's character Michael Sanchez was written and treated by the show.



I didn't watch the reboot of Dynasty, but certainly noticed on-line how often the show got Rafael's Sam, 'Sammy Jo' out of his clothes.  I think the show is on Netflix, so I might check it out, but I still have so many shows I want to see, I'm doubtful I'll get to it. 

Disciplined Decor: Graham by msbimages

'My work celebrates a minimalist aesthetic.'
Michal, msbimages

Although many people put up their holiday decorations right after Thanksgiving, most people, according to the stats, wait until the first or second weekend of December.  I used to drive my mother crazy about putting up the decorations, bugging her with my holiday excitement until she finally relented.  She gave in however, on the lights and decorations for the house, the tree never went up until closer to the big day.

That means, this was the weekend that many families headed up to their attics, down to their basements, and into their closest to drag out their shiny ornaments and trimmings.  We used to drag out cardboard boxes, but today, it's mostly plastic storage bins that hold our holiday treasures.

It's funny how every year we pull out something that we used to love to display, that we now find hideously ugly.   Every year I struggle with the choice of what to reuse, and what to repack. It all depends on my mood, do I want gaudy and ornate, or minimalistic and clean.  As I get older, I find myself leaning toward the clean.  

Minimalistic doesn't have to necessarily apply to quantity, it can mean more than just a bare silver tree.  You can still have plenty of decorations and use more than one color.  Minimalistic to me, applies to the impact of the visual.  For me, this means using one or two coordinated colors, clean lines and a unified aesthetic when it comes to size, shapes and themes. 

Photography is in many ways like decorating for the holidays.  You want a visual that brings you joy, not once, but each time you enter the room and see it.  Sometimes overly decorated rooms can be too busy, visually overwhelming, and even annoying if you spend too much time with them.  I know that as much as I love celebrating holidays on FH, I'm always a little relieved to get back tot he basics after the holidays are over.  A simple focus of great lighting with the focus on skin, and the beauty of the male for.

So... before Christmas gets into full swing on the site, I thought revisiting the work of Michal Booth from msbimages was in order.  A Palate Cleanser before Santa hats, tinsel and gold garland take over. I've been enjoying featuring models and shoots from the Dallas based photographer's extensive archive and today he's sharing his work with the enchantedly adorable Graham.  

Michal shares that Graham was a geology student at a local university when they shot.  Given his area of study, Graham's weekends were often filled with geology themed field trips.  This meant scheduling took awhile.  Michal was patient however,  determined to shoot the geology student with the stunning blue eyes and seductive smile.  Graham also admitted to being a 'bit of an exhibitionist', so nudity was not an issue.  Michal would have loved to have worked with Graham again, but he moved out-of-state after granulation. 

I loved the disciplined decor Michal chose for his shoot with Graham.  The lighting, with just the white walls and white bed sheets were all that was needed.  There was no need for distraction, Michal's focus was on the beauty in front of his lens.  Graham's skin, his blue eyes, his dark hair and brilliant smile are all spotlighted and magnified by Michal's artistic skills and choices.