Sunday, April 5, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 5th

Spring has arrived!

Favorite Birthday Boy for April 5th Ricardo Meneses

Every once in awhile I check out the IMDB page for actor Ricardo Meneses and everytime I surprised to see that the great 2000 film 'O Fantasma' remains his only credit. He played such a wonderfully complex character in that film, I am surprised he is not working more. Possibly he went on to another career, anyone know? Ricardo turns 27 today.

Although I own this movie, I could not cap anything better than the amazing caps above by Casperfan!

Also Celebrating today April 5th

Other favorites celebrating today April 5th are:

Argentine x baseball player turned Model and actor David Chocarro, and his killer grin turns 29 today.

Timothy DiPri turns 41 today.

Actor Mitch Pileggi turns 57 today.

Acting honors of the Week: A couple of McEmmy performances!

Well actually it was last week, but Justin Chambers and Kevin McKidd both blew me away in last week's episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' titled "Elevator Love Letter" written by the talented Stacy McKee.

Grey's gets so much flack for its soapy storytelling and cast dramas but it is such a great drama, so well acted, so well written (Izzy/George hook up aside). Grey's is also an actors showcase with Sandra Oh, Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, Katherine Heigl and company putting out outstanding performance week after week. My least favorite characters and actors are Patrick Dempsey and T.R Knight but I will put up with them given how much I like the rest of the show. I am sure many viewers felt the highlight was Derek proposing to Meredith at the shows end, but I wish Meredith would tell the jerk to get a life and move on. To me, the meat of last weeks show were the storylines surrounding Owen and Christina and Alex and Izzie. (Alex and Meredith's scene was particularly effective, especially with the writing and the performances of Chambers and Pompeo.

Kevin McKidd was a smart addition to the cast and his storyline is both frightening and heartbreaking. Justin Chambers has always been my favorite in the cast and Alex is an amazing character. Just when I think the writers have underestimated Alex and Justin's appeal they give him material that he knocks out of the park, and last week Justin delivered in his scenes with Alex struggling to come to terms with Izzie's cancer. Bring on the McEmmy nominations!

Is He Back Yet? Evil Jared Hasselhoff

Was wondering the other day if Bloodhound bassist Evil Jared Hasselhoff (born Jared Hennegan and is no relation to David Hasselhoff dispite his hilarious claims to be David's nephew, cousin or son) ever moved back to the US. Jared, who usually can be seen on stage channeling Wolverine and in some state of undress, moved to Germany in 2006 as a protest of the politics of George Bush. Many big named celebrities claimed to move out of the US if Bush continued as President, but Jared was the only one I know of who actually did. Since Bush is now out of office, I wondered if he returned?

Model of the Day: Rob DeVita

Often people say generalizations such as they don't like guys with long hair, guys who are too short, guys with tats. I tend to think that they do feel generally that way, but I also think when a guy like Rob DeVita comes around such generalizations get thrown out the window. Rob is a stunning man, whose face, nose and lips especially draw you in and Rob's case, the tattoo's only enhance his appeal. Rob is a new star with Red Models in NY and although Rob's pics have already hit the blog world I wanted to add Rob and some of the amazing photographers who shot him. Again, it is Rob's face that draws me in, even with that amazing body, his eyes and face pull you right to him demanding that you give him the attention he so deserves. Check out more of Rob at Red Model Management HERE:

Height: 5'11.5
Shoe: 10
Hair: Light Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Waist: 30
Suit: 38 r

Great shots below by Jason Mickle.

Below: Rob by the great Jeremy Kost.

Below: Rob by William Lords.