Saturday, July 4, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 5th

Angelo by Hull Studio

Happy Birthday today July 5th

Happy 31st to model Sean O'Pry!

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Thespian Toros

Kin Shriner, circa 1980's

Favorites: Devin Goda

I was never a really huge fan of The Price is Right, and don't think I've watched since I was a kid and Bob Barker was still the host.  I do however, have fond memories watching when I was home sick from school or snow days or summer vacation.  When I watched there were no male models unveiling the fabulous showcase showdowns, Janice Pennington was still smiling and waving her hand over the brand new cars.

I did catch a few shows when the show hired Rob Wilson, it's first permanent male model back in 2012. (HERE:)  Since Rob's departure, there have only been a few other male models presenting refrigerators and bedroom furniture suits, one of the latest being former football player Devin Goda.

I hadn't really kept up with who replaced Rob after he left and joined Days of our Lives, but after seeing a recent shot of Devin, I really should be paying closer attention... The former Baltimore Ravens wide receiver has taken his talents, both physical, and personality, onto a completely different playing field.

After the 29 year old retired after being sidelined due to a hamstring injury, he was recruited by the TV game show in 2018.  After several auditions, Devin made the move to Los Angeles joining the other models on the show, including James O’Halloran, the shows other male model. With his beautiful face and eyes, and incredible body, I wonder how long it will be before another soap scoops him up.

Blast from the Past: Ralph Waite in Cool Hand Luke

This post was originally going to be for Father's Day. I ended up running out of space, but still wanted to include it.  When Father's Day was approaching, I began thinking about Hollywood 'Father Figures' and was trying to find the right actor to feature.  I then remembered the piece I did about Paul Newman's only nude scene  (HERE:) in the 1967's Cool Hand Luke.

I remember that as surprised as I was to find out Newman actually had a nude scene, the film also included the brief butt baring of Pa Walton, actor Ralph Waite. In the film, Waite plays Alibi, and he sadly  has to suffer being locked up in the shack the same way Luke was.  The ritual required the inmate to strip down before being locked up.

Newman's nude scene took place at night and was dark, Waite's on the other hand has a lot more light.  I'm sure I've seen repeats of The Waltons, but wasn't born when it first came on the air.  I do remember my mother watching repeats, but mostly remember Waite from television guest appearances, including seeing him not to long before his death in 2014, as a minister on Days of our Lives.