Friday, March 16, 2012

Favorite Pic Of The Day for March 17th

Brandon Connelly by T-W-D photos
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Above: Benjamin Godfre by Dylan Rosser

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Go-Getter: St. Paddy's Day shoot with Brandon Connelly

'There are only two kinds of people in the world, The Irish and those who wish they were!'

I have been looking to have model Brandon Connelly back on FH since first profiling his work with Travers Dow last summer. (Memorable: Brandon Connelly By T-W-D photos)When I did my first profile of his work, Brandon had just started his modeling career, but over the past eight months he has busy shooting with a number of photographers for campaigns and fashion shoots. As luck would have it, one of them was this St. Paddy's day themed shoot which provides me the perfect reason today to showcase one of my favorite Irishmen.

This shoot is not just sexy and fun, there is also a purpose. The images, from photographers Carlos Paradinha (whose other work with Brandon I will be sharing soon), Raphael Cesar and Nate Gowdy were done to support HVTU (The Seattle HIV Vaccine Trials Unit). HVTU is part of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in collaboration with the University of Washington. HVTU is dedicated to working with the local community to provide HIV vaccine education and research for people interested in fighting HIV.

Carlos and Cesar go to school with Seattle Gay News Staff Photographer, Nate Gowdy. Back in January Nate approached them about putting together a group shoot for HVTU with a Valentine's day theme. It was such a huge success, the SGN decided to have a photo shoot each month with a different theme. The St. Patrick's day shoot was the second of the series.

Brandon of course was a natural for the project and not just because of his great looks and Irish roots. I have been working on a series of features spotlighting his modeling work, and everyone who works with him gladly sings his praises!

'Brandon is very dependable and is a go getter, which at his age is very rare. Carlos Paradihna and I were doing a Audrey Hepburn styled shoot, (which is also on my facebook photography page), and we were thinking we really need some arm candy for the model. I sent Brandon a text message to see if he was available, he was there in a suit ready to go in 20 minutes! I only wish that every model I worked with had half of his motivation.'
Cesar Raphael

'I loved working with Brandon! He was always very prompt, ready to work and accommodating to new and inspirational ideas. His demeanor was always jovial, respectful, and helpful. He's not only modeled for me, he even has gone as far as helping me break down after a shoot. We've become friends now, which I think is awesome.'
Carlos Paradinha

At just 20, Brandon Connelly is not just building a strong portfolio, he is building a solid reputation. Look for more of Brandon on FH in the coming weeks.

Brandon Connelly on ModelMayhem
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Into The Woods: Brandon Connelly by Noble Photography

In honor of St. Patrick's Day

No, these images were not shot in Ireland, but...the stream, the green, the moss, are as close to an Irish countryside as you will fine in Washington State. Shot by portraitist and nature photographer Charlie Nobel, the setting is actually the town of Eatonville. Brandon says the beautiful location was just off the road about a half a mile in the woods.

'The shoot with Charlie was awesome, he is a very nice guy and fun to be around. He just makes you feel comfortable. Charlie has a great sense of what he wants in each image and has a keen eye for detail, an exceptional nude photographer.'
Brandon Connelly

Brandon ended up in the Eatonville river, nude, along side the beautiful Shaun Tia after answering a casting call she had placed on Model Mayhem. Brandon said the Adam & Eve themed shoot was a pleasure due to the extensive experience brought by both Charlie and Shaun Tia.

Nobel Photos
Brandon Connelly on ModelMayhem

Call Me Holden Nowell...Maybe

Holden by Michael Tammaro

Ok, first off I am a wee bit embarrassed that I was turned on to this song by The Today Show's Hoda Kotb, but that being said it is a wee bit addictive. Canadian Idol alum Carly Rae Jepsen is signed with Justin Bieber's manager, and a recent shout out from the singer got her a lot of attention. Also getting his fair share of attention is model Holden Nowell who stars in the video for Carly's Call Me Maybe video. One of my favorite images ever is Michael Tammaro's image of Holden above. Not sure if I love all the new tats, but Holden pulls them off nicely...maybe.