Monday, June 1, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 1st

Amazing shot of model Dan Bueno (DG).
Photo by Byron Motley.

Kudo's to Sacha Baron Cohen

Kudo's to Sacha Baron Cohen, who as Bruno landed his ass right in front of Eminem at the MTV movie awards. Now I am still not confinced this was real, I can't help but think Eminem was in on the joke, but regardless it was a riot. Since Eminem certainly has pushed his ass in front of the camera on numerous ocassions it is hard to imagine he would be upset, but who knows.

Pic Series Of The Day: Chop Suey by Bruce Weber

I have talked before about artists I would never have heard of if not for the internet. When I first got on-line in the late 90's I was introduced so much gay culture I never knew existed. Growing up in a rural community, my local bookstore's most gay related material was Mens exercise magazines. One of the first artists I saw on line was Bruce Weber. I remember Bruce, and particularly his work with Abercrombie and Fitch was all over. Upon further research I discovered his books such as Bear Pond Models (Where we were introduced to the young Nies Brothers) and The Chop Suey Club (Where we met Weber's early muse Peter Johnson).

Last year, Weber's film 'Chop Suey' was rereleased on DVD. 'Chop Suey' is not merely just a collection of men romping naked in nature, it is more a look behind the lense at Weber the man. From cabaret singer Frances Faye, Robert Mitchum and Jan-Michael Vincent. Weber uses model Peter Johnson as the eyes to look at people who have moved Weber over his life.

One of the most fasinating sections is Peter with an elephant on the beach. The two almost seem to be dancing. Not sure what Weber was trying to say with this feature, but it certainly caught my eye as creative, beautifully interesting and erotic. This DVD is hard to find, I have seen it on ebay and Amazon.Uk in Pal version, but hopefully will find a version I can play. As always check out Bruce Webers official site HERE:

Thanks to xyzpdq for the download!!!

Favorite Collaboration of the Day: Jason Morgan and the Camera

Jason Morgan from Major Models is a beautiful man. Strong face, amazing body, a sexy serious mature look which sets him a part from many of the new faces in the business. When I first saw pictures of Jason awhile ago I was not sure he was going to be big. That was until I saw his work with 3 of the best in the business, Joseph Bleu, Gregory Vaughan and Bruno Rand. The Collaboration between model and photographer in each of these shoots sprung Jason into the limelight with blog after blog, site after site posting the pics. Check out more of Jason at Major HERE:

Height 6'0"
Suit 40"
Neck 15.5"
Waist 32"
Shoe 9.5 US
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue

Jason by Bruno Rand:

Jason by Gregory Vaughan:

Jason by Joseph Bleu: