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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 30th

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Happy Birthday today December 30th

Happy 26th Mr. Sheckler!

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Brandon Halverson: Model Beneath the Mask

It's not easy looking sexy behind a goalie mask and under all that padding, but nothing can really hide the hotness of Brandon Halverson. Halverson has been getting a lot of attention recently, being one only one of four players being considered as the starting goaltender for the United States at the IIHF 2016 World Junior Championships.

Halverson, who turns 20 this April, currently goal tends for the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds' in the Ontario Hockey League. Halverson is also a New York Randers prospect and seen by many as one of the sports most promising men in the net. With those eyes, and those lips, hopefully as he becomes more well known, companies will be looking for a great athlete, and a great face to promote their products and there will be many opportunities to get Halverson in front of the camera.

Golden: Branden by Unlimited Male

'There is more wealth in accomplishing life than there is in having gold.'

The quote above is sort of Branden's life quote and speaks to how he lives his life. It also speaks in a way to the philosophy I use with putting together FH. There are some photographers of the male form who clearly choose to surround themselves only with gold. Perfect bodies, heads of flowing hair, square cut model face and above averaged sized penis's and butts manscaped, edited and photoshopped to fit a perceived notion of fantasy male, with little or no connection to reality.

Then, there are photographers who shoot models, although maybe not Adonis perfect, and through their skill, and with their camera, illuminate a models personality and energy, as well as their organic sexuality creating unique and appealing depictions of the male form. 21 year old South Carolina model Branden is one of those guys, that with only a quick glance, you might not initially notice walking down the street. He's not flashy or showy and not a hint of arrogance.

But... After he walked by, you couldn't help but pause... and want to turn around to take a second look. Despite his sexy glasses and the plaid shirt, he can't hide his tight hot body, and that crazy sexy jaw line. Despite the clothes that cover, you can imagine what he must look like when that plaid shirt and those jeans are lying crumpled up on the floor.

One of the reason's I love the work of Unlimited Male is the models he chooses to shoot. I first came to his work not because of a perfect body or face but because of his images of a model's incredibly sexy Grin. With Branden, I had to admit it was his glasses that first drew me in. I know I'm not the only one drawn to adorable sexy guys wearing glasses.

One of the themes of FH is reveal. Of course their's the obvious, the removal of clothing and the reveal body and flesh. There is also the emotional reveal, finding out how and why artist and model came together in the creation of the images. Glasses sort of play a role in both, providing yet one more layer needing to be uncovered and revealed. For me, the challenge of reveal is part of the attraction to writing about the photography of the male form.

'I really enjoyed working with him. He's in the military and has done a couple of tours overseas, so he's incredibly down to earth, needs very little direction and is completely comfortable in front of the camera. We shot in early November so the water in the creek was pretty cold but he took it in stride. I definitely would recommend him to any photographers and am looking forward to working with him again.'
Jay from Unlimited Male

Muscles & Mountains: Will

Below: Will by Gordon Nebeker

'Everyone combined make this an amazing weekend. From Rob, Will and Joel in front of the cameras, to Mike and Gordon behind the cameras by me, to Jeff in the planning stages.'

Many of you remember that I first introduced Will to readers of FH in two pieces featuring his studio work with Gordon this past November. When I saw the 'behind the scenes's shot above taken by Mark from Studio MG Photography I was reminded of Gordon sharing that Will never wasted any time he used to keep himself pumped up!

Mark's shot of Mike shooting Will

'On the Utah shoot, Gordon remembers being impressed with how Will used any extra time he had, quick moments between shoots, or during breaks to keep his muscles pumped up. Even if there were no weights handy, Will found a way. He would drop and do pushups or pick up a tree trunk or anything laying around and do overhead lifts with it. '

Image from Mike Tossy

All of that pumping clearly has paid off! With Will's incredible physique and incredible body, his beautifully sculpted facial features, and his flow and movement in front of the camera, Will epitomizes why so many artists are so passionate about shooting the male form.

Will by Gordon Nebeker

Mike & Will watch the shoot (Next 2 images by Studio MG Photography)

Will by Mike Tossy

Remaining images from Gordon Nebeker

UTAH 2013/2014/2015