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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 12th


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Jim French: State of Man, 1975

State of Man
1975 Calendar
Photography by Jim French

Prime Time Supporters: Brian Thomas Smith


I wasn't a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory when it was on the air.  In part, it's because I have a bit of a 'thing' about Chuck Lorre.  Although I loved Mom, Lorre's sit-coms usually go for the easy and crude jokes instead of something actually funny.  When it came to Big Bang, I also wasn't a huge fan of Sheldon.   Jim Parsons played him well, but character annoyed, more than amused me.

Big Bang Theory

I did watch a bit more in the shows last few seasons, mostly because I did enjoy the scenes featuring the three female characters.  When Bernadette and Amy became part of the main cast, there was more of a balance between Sheldon and the rest of the cast.  One of my favorite episodes with the trio was from the season 4 episode, The Alien Parasite Hypothesis. In the episode, Amy has an arousing reaction (Hoo!)  to meeting Zack, especially when he bends over giving Amy a great view of his butt. 

Actor Brian Thomas Smith played the cute, but dim witted  Zack in 11 episodes during the run of the series. The show seems to be on almost 24/7 these days and whenever I see an episode with Brian and Zack, I usually try to tune in.  Smith actually got his start on reality television appearing on Fear Factor in 2003 and on The Amazing Race in 2005.  Brian and his brother Greg placed 6th in season 7 of the reality show.

Amazing Race (2005)

Television and film roles soon followed.  In addition to his many television roles, Smith appeared alongside Annette Bening and Al Pacino in 2015's Danny Collins.  Most recently Smith has recurred on the sit-com, The United States of Al.   Sadly, Smith has yet to do a nude scene but if he does, I'll be sure to do an update!

Danny Collins (2015)

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