Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 21st

Link by Gemini Men
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Happy Birthday today December 21st

Happy 23rd to model Bryant Wood and his equally adorable hog!

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View From the Top

'The climb is tough but the view from the top is worth it'

Christmas Countdown: Link by Gemini Men

A couple of weeks ago, I was on ModelMayhem working on another piece for the site. As often happens when I'm on MM, I got distracted. Often I have gone on MM to simply get a model or photographers link, but end up spending hours following avatars that spark my interest. This time, the avatar and images belonged to a model named Link.

The images of Link that I initially saw were not the least bit festive, instead, they were of a very sexy and naked Link, flexing and posing under a sunny sky and surrounded by tropical plants and trees. Link has an organic and extremely powerful sexy appeal that lights up in front of the lens. Link's blonde hair and sexy blue eyes were the icing on his beautifully tanned and fit physique.

When I contacted Link about a piece on the site, he was extremely supportive and friendly. He recommended that I contact the photographer, Mark Gemini, whose site, Gemini Men, Link made his debut on earlier this year. I remembered Mark, and his images, as we had previously communicated about piece for FH a few years ago. When I got back in touch, Mark was as enthusiastic as Link, and welcomed my featuring their work together.

I also remembered some previous holiday images of Mark's that I really loved. Mark quickly sent on a variety of holiday shots, including these fun and sexy shots of Link. If you're wondering about those naked tropical shots, no need to worry, Mark welcomed me to feature those as well, you only need to scroll down to the piece below.

Treasure Island: Link by Gemini Men

A Little Guilty Pleasure...

Mark's tag line for Gemini Men is 'a little guilty pleasure'. As you can plainly see though, there are is nothing little about Link, nor anything to feel guilty about while enjoying Mark's sexy captures of him.  With Link hailing from Treasure Island Florida, and given the tropical island feel of the shoot, we all know exactly the treasure....we would be seeking.

Gemini Men has been around for about ten years, and Mark does a great job at finding naturally sexy men to feature. 22 year Link has a great look, weaving an edgy ruggedness along with his beautifully sweet and thoughtful blue eyes. There's also a wee bit of a young Brad Pitt. You can see check out much more of Link on Mark' site HERE: