Saturday, November 3, 2007

Tomorrow's Favorite....

Any guesses? Might be obvious to many.

Another Poll

Ok all, I have been working on the blog for a month now, I do it mostly for my own enjoyment, but also want to know your thoughts. Please take the new poll to the right to help me see what parts of the site you guys like best. Thanks to all who vote!

Joshua Morrow, Shemar Moore and Scott Reeves (Y&R) from
(Scott must be standing on something, he was not as tall as Morrow and Moore.)

Hottest American Idol Guy! Anthony Fedorov

With close to 200 votes, the winner of the Hottest American Idol Hunk was Anthony Fedorov by a landslide! Anthony took 48% of the overall vote

Coming in a respectable second and third with close margins were Elliot Yamin and Clay Aiken.

Ace Young and Chris Daughtry tied for forth, with everyone with less than 10% of the vote.

Thanks to all who voted, and sorry to those who felt I should have included others. If doing it again I would have added Bucky Covington instead of Travis Tucker or JD Adams.

Favorite Underwear of the Day: Grey BoxerBriefs

Favorite TV Star of the Day: Billy Campbell

I love Billy Campbell (or Bill as he is credited in The 4400). His smile, his look, his nature. I loved him on Once and Again, I love him on the 4400. Billy is a classic movie star type guy, quiet with his personal life who had a few fleeting bursts into becoming a big star with the Rocketeer, but none really took off. He has settled into the small screen and has been in many shows and movies over the past two decades. Truly one fine lookin man.

Billy in Enough

Billy in Rocketeer

Some pics from the Billy Campbell fan Page. Link here:

Billy Campbell in The 4400

Billy Campbell in Tales From The City

Here are some caps from Billy in the Tales From The City Mini Series. These are from three different parts of the story. Most of the caps are mine, but I added one from Casperfan (see link at right) as it was much brighter than the ones I did.

Billy Campbell in Dynasty

Billy Campbell in Once and Again

Once and Again was a wonderful show with child actors as great as the adults. There were no week links in this cast and in it's three short years it provided some amazing family drama. I never watched this show when it was on, never could find it or really knew much about it. I have finished the first two seasons on DVD and was amazed at how great it was. Awaiting season 3 which has been stalled, but hopefully will be out soon.

With the wonderful Sela Ward

With Tv Family Shane West and Evan Rachel Wood

The Cast of Once and Again

Billy Campbell in Once and Again -Caps-

My caps from Once and Again