Monday, October 29, 2007

Favorite Video of the Day

Robert from Big Brother Denmark

Favorite Classic TV Star: Oct 29th Debralee Scott

Debralee Scott was all over the boob tube in the late 70's and early 80's. From TV Shows like Angie and Mary Hartman Mary Hartman through frequent quest spots on the Love Boat and Game shows. She was also a regular on Welcome Back Kotter for awhile. Later Debralee was part of the Police Academy Movies. What ever she was in she brought a smile to my face. Debralee died tragically in 2005 sadly after her fiance, a police officer died during the attacks on September 11th. She and her laugh and overbite will be missed.

Favorite Male Model of the Day: Oct 28th Ellis McCreadie

Favorite Soap Hunk of the Day: Agim Kaba


Favorite Unconventional Hunk of The Day: ERIC BALFOUR

There is something incredibly sexy about Eric Balfour. His body, his face his rugged, gonna kill you look in many of his pictures. His willingness to drop his pants easily might be part of it.

ERIC BALFOUR with his band Fredalba

ERIC BALFOUR In Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Eric's skinning dipping and stripping was one of the sexiest things I had seen in awhile. All on the Special features and not the movie itself.


Favorite Pic of the Day: Oct 29th

Pic via photographer Lindsay Lozon (See previous post)

Favorite Blast From The Past: Oct 29th Brian Bloom

Brian Bloom was one of the hottest soap actors around. He won an Emmy for his role as Dusty on As The World Turns. His great acting and looks (Ahh that hairy chest) made him a fan favorite.

More Brian Bloom

Hope some of the Brian Bloom pics are new to you.

More Pics Here: