Monday, May 14, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 15th

High Voltage Glutes by Zedneram Imagery
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Every Dog has it's Day

Body of Art by Benoit Prévot

Everyone who's had a dog (or a cat...) has felt like this on occasion.


Getting his butt in line!

Images from Frisky Frolic

Cabin Fever: Rick by AANE Photography & THOM Graphophoton

All you need is love...and a cabin

When I featured AANE Photography's images last month, I focused on Rick cooling off with his skinny dip in the creek. (HERE:) But... there were a few more shots I stashed away of Rick at the cabin. With memorial day coming at month's end, many who are lucky enough to own, or maybe rent a cabin, are thinking of getting it ready for the season.  Although summer is still weeks away, between the cabin's rough wood, and Rick's hard, it can't come soon enough.

Nalgas Bonitas by Zedneram Imagery

'In short, beauty is Otherness. Yet, beauty is also Self. And Self begins with you. As both Self and Other, we are all beautiful together.'

Self has always been a theme of FH and I love the quote on Zedneram Imagery's website. Knowing self is something many of us struggle, some.... our entire lives. Having a strong sense of self isn't about what we do, or even who we are, it's more the degree of communication between our mind and what our bodies experience. Many people feel things, but don't take to the time to think about why. Someone with a healthy sense of self isn't perfect by any means, but they usually know why they do what they do, and are able to identify and understand the emotions they're feeling. Self is internal, it's not about others, it's our ability to choose and to interrupt our experiences and emotions.

So why with this bevy of incredible images of ass am I discussing self? Well... let's start with the artist. I have loved Desi's (Zedneram) images for awhile and some of you may remember my piece featuring the California artist and musician's work with Tim back in 2010. (HERE:) I have the electricity Desi captures, movement and an erotic intensity blended into energized images. The moments Desi captures are never static, their unstable, demanding more from the view than just a casual glance.

The instability Desi creates is done with intent, not awkward but with a rhythm a flow from his training as a dancer and choreographer and his second (or third) career as a recording artist. Desi’s vision for Zedneram Imagery captures the mind, as well as the eye: to provide ALL people – artistic, powerful, vibrant, and colorful, alike – with opportunities in popular media. In his eyes, there is beauty in everything and everyone.

Even when the focus is the male behind, you can feel the energy in Desi's shots. So many photographer shoot the backside like a lump of clay, just sort of sitting (or standing) there. Through design, fashion, jewellery and pose, Desi's focus goes beyond the buttocks, to the entire man, pulling in pieces of their essence and personality. Maybe more than drawing in aspects of the models self, you can fully feel the aura of Desi's self coming though strongly and loudly in the final dynamic images.

Whenever I profile an artist I admire, I am full of questions about process. What got them started, and any interesting stories about their time behind the lens. When it comes to shooting nudes, there are always stories. I through at Desi a list of questions, rapid fire' style, looking for one word, or short answers on a wide range of subjects.

How old were you when you shot your first nude model?

On a scale from 1-10, how nervous were you?

Does it remaining exciting?
It always remains exciting with every shoot.

Do you have an all time favorite image or shoot?
My all time favorite shoot has to be with Noah Scott. So professional and such amazing energy.

Have you ever had a shoot that went badly that produced amazing images?
Not that I can think of.

Have you ever had a shoot that went amazing that produced images that were 'blah'


Noah Scott

Have you ever cut a shoot short due to things not working out?
Yes, I don't like to waste time for myself or a model.

What is the best quality a model can possess?
Being professional 100% of the time.

What is the worst?
Bad attitude, negative energy.

Is there a model that got away, or one you're still trying to get to shoot?
There are always models/people that I'd love to photograph.

-What other artist most inspires you?
There are many artist that inspire me from music, art, photographers and just meeting and seeing interesting people.

Your shoots have such energy, do you play music when you work?
I always have music playing.

What artists? Ever play your own?
There are many artist I play during a shoot. I usually ask the model what music they like and we go from there. I do play my own music sometimes and the models are usually surprised it's me.

Have you delt with 'model regret'? A model who got into an erotic shoot, then later didn't want them published?
Yes I have.

What was your response?
Always finding a solution is best.

Have you every had an incredibly hot model who just couldn't deliver for the camera?
No, not really.

How did you go about motivating?
I used to model myself so I always jump in showing them poses, concept and whatever it takes.

What model, image or theme has brought you the most positive feedback or comments?
There are actually quite a few.

Has there been a model, theme or image that brought back a high degree of negative impact?
None that I can remember.

What was the biggest surprise you experienced when a model removed their clothing?
That they actually look like their pictures, no photoshop. Peter Le is one of my favorites models of all time and a good friend. His body really looks like that. Just AMAZING!!!

Peter Le