Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Favorite Video of The Day: January 15th

Ignore the 'K-Mart shopper...'
I think the video is hot!

Massage 1
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Favorite Import of the Day: Mitch Hewer

I am currently watching the first season of Skins. 19 year old Mitch Hewer is one of the shows break out stars. This UK drama is a hotter version of Gossip Girl and Mitch is the UK's Chance Crawford.

US television is disgustingly riddled with acts of violence every night, yet one shot of skin gets the many all riled up. Sometimes the puritan way US television is run, which has an outcry over a flash of Janet Jackson's breast yet has CSI and the like on almost every minute may explain why war is so acceptable...

Mitch Hewer in Skins

Hot or Not?

When first being introduced to X Factor's Rhydian Roberts, I said hot. Then...I thought, not so much. I am currently back to Hot. You?

Favorite Pic of The Day for January 15th

Given it is snowing like crazy here...

Favorite Birthday Boy for Jan 15th Sean Lamont

Sean Lamont, many's favorite Stade Guy turns 27 today.

More Sean Lamont

This man looks GOOD from the front, but GREAT from the back!

Also celebrating today: January 15th

Eddie Cahill, who should be doing comedy, not a CSI spin-off, turns 30 today.

Chad Lowe, last seen on 24 turns 40 today. Anyone else remember Spencer?

For some reason this woman always brings a smile to my face... The queen of Love Boat guest appearances Charo turns 57 today.

Favorite Butt to see yet again! Jason Lewis

Although Jason Lewis was often without the aid of pants when Sex And The City was on television, he is dropping them again for the movie. (Lets hope this is not another 'fake' scene. Can never have too much of Jason Lewis.