Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just Because:

Just Because: these are a few things on my mind this week. Some I have posted about before, not worthy of an entire post. Wondering if anyone feels the same about any of these things.

* Even though I love Ellen and spent the past 9 seasons laughing at and being critical of Paula, without her for the first time I really am not looking forward to American Idol.

* I think Sarah Palin is a knob, yet there is something about her I love to watch. Like a accident about to happen you cannot turn away. As a politician the woman scares the shit out of me, but you can’t tell me she would make a hell of a friend. Certainly would lie for you.

* I struggle daily not to be disappointed in Obama. I know one needs to be patient, but in all areas I think Hillary could have done better. Thus far he has proven his biggest gift is talk and when push comes to shove that hasn't not proven to be enough. I am still holding out hope though...

* Even though I see her creativity and talent, I am not gaga gaga over the Lady. Might be her friendship with a certain gossip or might be even though her songs are catchy they don’t really hold up.

* Oprah has so much money she doesn’t have to care anymore. And her show proves it.

* Even though I love Whoopi, I miss Rosie on The View. It was so unpredictable.

* Speaking of the View, even though I agree with her rarely, I somehow cannot help liking Hasselbeck more and more. Could it be because I like Walters Less and Less.

* The more I post about beautiful men on FH the more an average looking guy with a great smile turns me on.

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 12th

Beautiful shot of Ram Boneh.


Seriously, I am not a judgemental person. I tried to cut this woman some slack. I even felt bad for her for a time (mainly because I dislike Perez even more than her). But...Carrie Prejean (even though she is from CA she wants it pronounced like she is from France...) digs a dipper hole for herself with each tv appearance. I saw clips of her on several shows yesterday and though I try to keep my blog positive must finally admit the woman is a tool.

I mainly feel bad for Republican women. With Carrie and Palin as their representatives they don't stand a chance.