Saturday, January 26, 2008

Favorite Pic of The Day for January 26th

Think these guys should have a yard sale, a bottle drive to raise some cash for some uniforms... I have heard of shirts and skins, but this is a bit much...

Favorite Birthday Boy #1 Paul Johansson

I am not a viewer of One Tree Hill, but I do remember lusting after Paul Johansson during his short time on the soap Santa Barbara. Paul turns 44 today.

More Paul Johansson

Thanks to Dewey for the last set of caps from Swimsuit

Favorite Birthday Boy #3 Paul Newman

Paul Newman still looking good turns 83 today. Still has that great smile.

Paul in Cool Hand Luke (Below)

Paul with Robert Redford

Also Celebrating Today: January 26th

Happy Birthday also to:

Sara Rue, who will always be Carmen to me, turns 29 today.

Canadian Hockey Superstar Wayne Gretzky turns 48 today.

Ellen Degeneres turns 50 today.