Thursday, March 1, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 2nd

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Totally Board

Boys who Skate are better at Grinding’

Some of you might remember my previous post featuring model Matt Williams in his 'barely there' underwear. (Breathing Room...) Although these shots of Matt by photographer Joseph Lally for Coïtus Magazine are a few years old, I loved the shots, and winter into spring feel in the shots. When you're skateboard naked, it is important to ensure your board and accessories are especially cool, vibrant and colorful.

Helmut Riedmeier: Mr. Germany 1965

Last summer while profiling Champion model Darryl Powers (Sixties Summer) I came upon and saved a picture of model Helmut Riedmeier. I loved the shot of a Helmet naked on a corded phone in front of a colorfully flowered shower curtain. Born in Munich during World War II, Helmet took up bodybuilding when just a teenager in the 50's.

When he was a bit older, he began competing winning Mr. Germany in both 1964 and 1965, and also won Mr. Europe in 1965. He also defeated Arnold Schwarzenegger as runner-up in 1966 in the Mr. Europe competition.

After starting body building, Helmet took the next step and began posing for physique photographers and magazines, something he continued when he moved to London in the late sixties. According to reports, Helmet is still looking fit in his 70's, and was still competing in bodybuilding well into his sixties.

Competing with Arnold Schwarzenegger (1966)

Leader of the Pack: Bobby Ryan by The Third Eye

'Last year there was a movie being filmed in Ohio with Samuel Jackson. Bobby went in with hopes of being an extra in the movie. They take one look at him and he wound up with a small role in the movie.'

Richard's anecdote about Bobby's movie audition experience came as no surprise to me. Just a quick glance at Richard's shots of the 21 year old actor and model's images clearly reveal why Bobby Ryan gets noticed. Some models are a bit like chameleons, utilizing their appearance, skills and energy and come to life when in front of the camera. Other models, just have a look, a quality that can be felt even when they're not really trying.

Richard describes Bobby as one of these models. It's not just Bobby's classic movie star face, dreamy eyes and and incredible body, Bobby Ryan is packing, and more than just charisma and talent. At 6'4, Bobby would get noticed based on his appearance alone, but Richard says it's more. It's an aura, a true magnetism that draws other towards the sports nutrition consultant and Personal Trainer.

'Bobby Ryan is an awesome guy. Yeah, everyone knows how handsome he is and what a good model but he has this amazing heart. He has this wonderful ability to make a person feel special. He does this with charm and a genuine interest in knowing you as a person. I think he has always been a stand out and almost iconic person through most of his life.'

I certainly noticed Bobby's charisma and appeal the first time I saw his work with The Third Eye last year. I have in fact been pestering Richard about featuring his imagery with Bobby since last Summer. I didn't really have to pester much, Richard has a clear affinity and respect for Bobby and their work together, but when I first asked, they had only shot twice. Since then, the shoot total has doubled to four, with hopefully more on the way.

Part of the reason Richard is motivated to continue working with him is how motivated and driven Bobby is to be successful. Richard has little doubt that Bobby will fulfill his dreams of being famous and becoming a successful actor. After Bobby's experience auditioning for the Samuel Jackson film, it was clear to Richard the acting bug hit him hard. Bobby is planning on heading to New York and LA to test the waters and see what opportunities may lie ahead. In addition to images, Richard is also one of my favorite story tellers, and with Bobby, it feels like the story is only just beginning.

'I think what makes Bobby a good model is his ability to understand and provide what the photographer wants from him. As light and playful as he usually is, he also has a darker side. I think any good actor or model must be able to exhibit that sort of raw emotion.'