Monday, January 4, 2010

Pic Series Of The Day: Drake by Matson Jones

DNA Online is currently having readers vote on Mate of The Year for 2009. There are some pretty big names up from the world of modeling, sports and the Internet. Some of my favorite guys like David Williams, Carlos Freire, Luke Gouldan and others are battling out to be the champ.

It was a hard choice but my vote had to go with the amazing Drake. 40 year old Drake has that real man look, not shaved and made up, just real, just hot! Drake is an ex navy sailor currently pursuing modeling and acting work in Los Angeles. This series of shots of Drake were taken by the talented Hollywood based photographer Matson Jones. Matson shots of Drake perfectly showcase his great look. The 4th shot down being my favorite. I encourage you all to head on over to DNA and give Drake a vote. You can get there HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 4th

A little Tim Bryan for the beginning of a cold week after a wonderful break from work!
Have a good one all!

Just Because: Kellan Lutz in Miami

I love me some Kellan Lutz and am looking forward to his future work in his calvins. These high res photos from his recent trip to Miami certainly show every bump from his chest shaving. With the media would realize many of us like more of the natural look. Still so hot!