Saturday, January 16, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 17th

Image by Andrew Bowman
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Seasonal Sightings

Chris Anderson: Bush League

Chris Anderson by Tommy Chung Photography 

There's nothing bush or minor league about model Chris Anderson, he's definitely playing in the majors, especially in this series of images from Tommy Chung Photography.  The bush however, tends to get less attention to what's underneath it.  Although below the bush is great, for me, an images, featuring a great bush reveal, can be even hotter.

Quaternate: Andrew Bowman

A yellow towel, a white singlet and a leather jacket.  A pair of goggles, a piece of sports equipment or a bouquet of flowers.  These are just some of the props, fashion and accessories that UK based photographer Andrew Bowman utilizes when shooting the male form.  In many images of thee male form, accessories seem almost like an after thought, but in Andrew's images, they part of the reason I enjoy  his work so much. 

I first featured Andrew's work back in 2012 while I was working on a piece featuring model Lee Mayson. (above)  When profiling a model, I often ask them to send on their favorite shots of themselves.  Lee sent on a variety of shots from different photographers, but I was especially drawn to his work with Andrew. So much so, I wanted to feature them on their own.  I loved how Andrew shot Lee and especially the way in which he incorporated fashion, color and props.   

In that first piece, Andrew shared that before focusing on the male form, his subjects were often brides and grooms.  Individually, wedding photos may be well shot and beautiful, but let's be honest... no matter how beautiful the bride, or handsome the groom, if you put a bunch of wedding photos together, they all look the same.  An avalanche of white dresses and black tuxes and identical smiling faces. 

A skilled wedding photographer knows how to add just the right accessory or splash of color to make an images stand out.  Andrew's beautifully incorporated this technique into his work with models and even in a sea of images of hot models, Andrew's images always pop and stand out. 

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Favorite Face of the Day: Tom Payne

'No one is born broken. Someone breaks us...'

Along with Bridgeton and The Undoing, the final show I started watching over the holidays was FOX's Prodigal Son.  I've heard good things about the series for awhile, but never really had the time to invest.  I'm not sure I would have enjoyed the show as much watching it week to week, it was really a show to devour a few episodes at a time.

The primary relationship in Prodigal Son is between Malcom (Tom Payne) and his father Martin. (Michael Sheen).  Malcom is a broken, and sleep deprived profiler, still struggling with the trauma of having a serial killer as a father.  Payne and Sheen are both exceptional, as is Bellamy Young who plays Malcom's overbearing and complicated mother Jessica.

The show's premise sets up a series of questions, none of which are answered right away.  I'm a little over half-way through the first season and we still really know how complicit Malcom and Jessica were in Martin's Crimes.  Time will tell, as might the lady in the box who haunts Malcom for much of the season..

I stopped watching The Walking Dead before Tom Payne arrived as Jesus, and think I first intime I saw the talented actor on film was in the 2008 film Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.  I make it a point to watch anything featuring Francis McDormand, and Payne had brief nude scene early in the film. 

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (2008)

Payne was 25 when he filmed Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, and 13 years later, he looks basically the same.  Sure, there are a few more lines on his face, but he's maintained his slim body, and a youthful vibe seen primarily through his beautiful eyes.  yes, Malcom is worn down, but you can still feel his longing and the hope that one day he'll wake up from the nightmare he's been wandering through for so long