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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 16th

Kris by Nathan Scott
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Happy Birthday today June 16th

Happy 36th to Daniel Brühl

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Forrest Gump: An Appreciation

'Me and Jenny goes together like peas and carrots.'
Forrest Gump

Next month it will be 20 years since Forrest Gump was released in the US. It was the summer just after I had graduated high school and I remember going with a group of friends at the beginning of what turned out to be an eventful, and rather emotional summer. I had not seen the film in it's entirety until an airing on AMC a few weeks ago. Since it's release, there have been so many parody's so many jokes that I had forgotten what a powerful punch it packed. 'Life was like a box of chocolates' seems to be the thing, the quote most think of, but there was so much more about the film worthy remembering.

I was never really a fan of Jenny as an adult. Robin Wright was good, but the character always bugged me a bit. I guess she was supposed to, given her childhood, writer Winston Groom created a very realistic adult Jenny, one who struggled with attachment most of her young adult life. I did however love Jenny and Forrest and kids. Actors Michael Conner Humphreys and Hanna Hall had beautiful chemistry and created magic in each of their few scenes together. As wonderful as the film was, I personally could have watched these two young actors for much longer than was shown in the film.

There was a purity to the relationship, from their first meeting on school bus through how each gave the other strength to deal with the demons they faced. There relationship went through many ups and downs but came full circle with the introduction of Forrest Jr. (Haley Joel Osment) at the end of the film.

Despite his success as young Forrest, Michael Conner Humphreys career didn't exactly take off after the film. In 2005 he joined the army and spent time in Iraq. After three years of services however, his enlistment ended and Humphrey's again made his way to Hollywood to pursue his acting dreams. His only credit was the 2011 film, Pathfinders: In The Company of Strangers. I must see if I can find it, I would be curious to see if the essence he brought to young Forrest is still intact after his time away from film, and his experiences during the war.

After Humphreys, and Hanks of course, another actor who made an impact in the film was Gary Sinise. Lieutenant Dan made a memorable, and shirtless, entrance and Sinise garnered an Oscar nomination for his role but lost to Martin Landau in Ed Wood. Sinise went on to co-star in Apollo 13 and The Green Mile but by 2005 he was on the CSI track, not one usually creatively rewarding for actors who enjoy acting. Television procedurals are for the most part, designed for actors on their way up, or their way down. Nor sure if the actors politics have played a role in his career's holding pattern, but I have recently become more interested in his music. The Lt Dan Band supports the many military based charities and organizations.

Just Because: Careers to Consider...

Gymnastics Spotter...
Note: Pay is rather low, but there are plenty of benefits.

A Few Weeks Before: Kris by Nathan Scott

Regular readers of FH understand that my passion for presenting incredible imagery goes beyond just was is seen. I am equally, and sometimes more so, interested in how what we see, came to be. Getting inside the head of the artist, and often times the model, to find out what exactly was behind the inspirations that led to the finished image or images that grabbed my attention.

When I came upon the work of Dallas photographer Nathan Scott last month, I knew I had found something special. Nathan's portfolio was full of striking images of both men and women, and his focus was beautifully not singular, but had a breadth which ranged from editorial, fashion and fitness, couples and color and erotic and nudes. Nathan, a professional ballet dancer and stunt actor, has a keen eye for body movement and pose and there are small, practically unnoticeable details, almost a fluidity, the artist incorporates within his work that has his images stand out for me.

Although Nathan has a great selection of models, there were a few that stood out for me, Kris Best being one of them. Kris has a great look and an incredible body highlighted by tattoo running down the right side of his body. Kris also has a great face, his eyes light up when he smiles yet can become sensually intense when the theme requires it. I love some the contrasts Nathan captured. Kris has a very masculine, almost all American look, yet Nathan did not rest on that and created some very beautiful lines with his body and with pose.

So, I began with story, so I should give a little background,and explore a bit of the background behind this set of images. It began with a couple of posts I made in May, well actually... it began a few weeks before that. I first introduced Nathan's work on FH in two of last months most popular, and clicked on posts, Fleet Week and my follow-up, The Culmination of Fleet Week. The focus was Nathan's work with Gregory Stiles inspired by the sailor hat Nathan picked up on the way to the shoot.

The images in Fleet Week actually developed from this shoot with Kris that Nathan had shot a few weeks previously. The shoot was for an underwear campaign for Blue Collar Underwear. Nathan really loved the location, especially the bed and bathtub, so after shooting Kris, proceed to set up another shoot, this time with Gregory and his girlfriend.

'Kris was a great guy to work with. The night before this shoot, when we were using a generator in this really historic downtown area in Texas, the generator broke down. Should never have rented it from Home Depot. We had planned on working together the next day and it started raining. So we shot at the makeup artists house using only natural light. No studio lights or anything else. Which was a challenge. As the rain let up we eventually ventured outdoors.'

Not sure it was the intent, but I love the trajectory of the story created by Nathan in this series of images. The day begins with Kris alone at home, thinking about, then getting ready. He slips into the tub, bathing, preparing in anticipation for his visitor, and sure to lie ahead. He is later joined by his guest for an intense entanglement of passion. The story's last chapter concludes with Kris again alone, this time in the shower. He is again washing, cleansing, but this time, not in preparation, but as conclusion.

Keep an eye out next month for the unveiling of Pastiche. Pastiche is an up and coming magazine founded by Nathan Scott Photography. The focus is high fashion, fine art, and high quality digital art photography. I will keep you updated on the magazine's official launch!