Sunday, May 23, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 23rd

Above: Aristos

Given it is Sunday, it is also Sunday With Hans Day. Once again this week Hans Fahrmeyer presents a water theme, so I went with it for all the posts. Enjoy.

Happy Birthday Today May 23rd to:

Above: Model Christian Monzon turns 33 today!

Happy Birthday also today to Eric Nies, Ben Ross and Allan Kayser. Check out last years birthday posts on these FH's HERE:& HERE:

More on Allan tomorrow!
Enjoy your Sunday!

Just Because: Christopher Atkins

Just Because: You cannot have a 'watered' themed Day on FH without one of the all time greatest 'wet' scenes. Christopher Atkins in 'The Blue Lagoon'.

A Look Back: Chop Suey by Bruce Weber

Could think of no better post than this one from last June on the 'water' themed day.

I have talked before about artists I would never have heard of if not for the internet. When I first got on-line in the late 90's I was introduced so much gay culture I never knew existed. Growing up in a rural community, my local bookstore's most gay related material was Mens exercise magazines. One of the first artists I saw on line was Bruce Weber. I remember Bruce, and particularly his work with Abercrombie and Fitch was all over. Upon further research I discovered his books such as Bear Pond Models (Where we were introduced to the young Nies Brothers) and The Chop Suey Club (Where we met Weber's early muse Peter Johnson).

Last year, Weber's film 'Chop Suey' was rereleased on DVD. 'Chop Suey' is not merely just a collection of men romping naked in nature, it is more a look behind the lense at Weber the man. From cabaret singer Frances Faye, Robert Mitchum and Jan-Michael Vincent. Weber uses model Peter Johnson as the eyes to look at people who have moved Weber over his life.

One of the most fasinating sections is model Chris D'Aprix with an elephant on the beach. The two almost seem to be dancing. Not sure what Weber was trying to say with this feature, but it certainly caught my eye as creative, beautifully interesting and erotic. This DVD is hard to find, I have seen it on ebay and Amazon.Uk in Pal version, but hopefully will find a version I can play. As always check out Bruce Webers official site HERE:

Thanks to xyzpdq for the download!!!

Reflection by Hans Fahrmeyer

-Sunday With Hans-

Continuing with the 'water theme' from last week's Sunday's with Hans, this week Hans Fahrmeyer brings us Reflections. Beautiful!

Kyle Clare in Watercolors

Thanks to my friend Braxnis I watched 'Watercolors' last week. 'Watercolors' is a small film written and directed by David Oliveras. It was released in 2008 with the tag line 'Only art can turn something painful into something beautiful'. The film features actors Kyle Clare, Tye Olsen and Gregory Louganis in a small role as the swim coach. 'Watercolors' was a hit at film festivals and won many awards during the 2008 season.

'Watercolors' explores the relationship between shy artist Danny (Olsen) and swimmer Carter (Clare). Olsen and Clare are featured in almost every scene with a small but effective supporting cast. I especially loved Casey Kramer as Danny's mother. The film is beautifully scored and I love the use of the piano in many scenes. Although I was not happy with how Carter's storyline wraps up, the final scene with Danny was beautiful. I really loved 'Watercolors', especially the breakout performance of Kyle Clare. His Carter was sexy, dangerous and heartbreaking. If you have not seen 'Watercolors' I would highly recommend it.